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OPINION: We are a proud and envied nation

State Sen. Anthony Canella encourages constituents to profess their patriotism

Our nation has accomplished what very few have in such a short period of time. This Fourth of July we will celebrate America’s 241st birthday, when our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. A quick glance at a calendar shows how much we value our country’s rich history.

The diversity and range of U.S. holidays is an important demonstration of our patriotism. Holidays such as President’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and some would even say Super Bowl Sunday, are opportunities for our nation to celebrate, mourn, and thank our forefathers. It is those generations of Americans who have made our country a beacon of hope and success.

Occasionally, I hear people questioning the direction of our country and the resolve of our leaders to make it a better place to live for our children and future generations. There is no doubt that fear and anger voiced daily in the public square and on the Internet can make us question our current path, past achievements and even our unity. The constant barrage of anti-American chatter here and around the world can tend to dampen that collective pride.

In his Inaugural Address, President Kennedy warned “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

Under the principles of democracy, we send our brave men and women into harm’s way to far reaches of the world because it is right and just. We are the world’s peacekeeper, and fight on shores overseas to protect our own from those who wish us harm. When some return in a flag-draped casket our hearts break for their sacrifice. When we hear our National Anthem, we stand, remove our hats and place our hand over our heart. It’s more than just a symbol of respect, it is in our DNA. 

As we approach one of our most patriotic holidays, my trust in the resilience of our Constitution that birthed this country gives me solace. Despite our differences on policy issues, government services, individual freedoms and responsibilities, we will continue to prevail as one – E Pluribus Unum.

The patriotic spirit does not waver based upon who occupies the White House or controls Congress or even the statehouse. What really matters is the formidable voice of our citizenry, whether at the ballot box, on the street, in our homes or silently praying for a country that has given the world the hope of freedom. We are a proud and envied nation.

On the Fourth, I plan to fly my flag high, watch fireworks and celebrate with family, friends and neighbors that freedom continues to reign in this great country. I hope you do the same. Never be afraid to profess your patriotism. Happy Birthday America!

Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) represents communities throughout Fresno, Madera, Merced, Monterey, San Benito and Stanislaus counties.

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Submitted by (david m) on

E pluribus unum does not exhist anymore; we are so devided now. It's pathetic. One side won't even try to work with the current admin. Just sickening. And it works both ways, also.

I disagree with this comment and connotation of E pluribus unum. Since the beginning of America according to history books, there has always been spirited dispute and debate of federal policy. For better or worse, states rights evolved with the 10th amendment of the constitution providing states the power to dissent from federal authority and manage/govern certain commerce activities independent of federal authority. Accordingly, Nevada taxes and regulates prostitution, gambling and now recreational cannabis usage for adults. That's what democracy is all about and distinguishes our republic from global monarchies.

As we all know, there are three branches of federal government intended to purposely provide checks and balances of power between the executive, judicial and legislative bodies. It is the sworn duty of Congress to represent the interests of its constituents, at times in defiance of 'the current administration' because falling in line with the president would harm the citizens who elected the Senate and Congressional representatives who elected them. IMHO, there is no better example than the proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act which, as proposed, would cause 23 million American citizens to lose their health insurance within 10 years.

California elects representatives, predominantly comprised of Democrats, that manage a robust economy with environmental laws differently than stated positions of 'the current administration' and it appears to be working out very well.

I would agree that some aspects of the current administration - specifically the temperament and competence of the president - are sickening. 

I am grateful we have a truly independent press where I can express my opinion pursuant to the 1st amendment that contradicts the expressed views of others in our community. Consider whether BenitoLink is a party to the so-called 'Fake News Media' that the president proclaims is "the enemy of the people in America."

Since I have limited space in each commentary segment, what sickens me the most about the current president is his overt lying to the American people. Worse, he openly encourages physical violence and cyber-bullies those in dissent of his leadership, and then denies the obvious truth to the contrary. 

Spoiler alert: ad hominem attacks against my so-called 'liberal agenda' views are predictably forthcoming in this forum. Enjoy the fireworks, the popcorn is on me. 


Here is an interesting read - George Will's current column, "America's Shockingly Violent Birth"

which refers, in part, to a book on the siege of Bunker Hill that details the the torture of a loyalist Boston customs officer at the hands of a patriot mob in 1774.  I won't go into the gory details, just to say that ISIS doesn't do much worse.  Now days people are accused of bullying for merely disagreeing with the opposition, it's ridiculous.

If one believes in freedom of expression, then they have to apply it to all or it's not freedom of expression, it is only freedom to agree.  All regimes allow you agree, there is no courage in that.

The MSM, rightly, defends the rights of the actors doing President Trump assassination scenes (the right to do it does not mean I believe it's a good idea), but if they do so then they must defend the right of President Trump to do CNN body slam scenes (again, it does not mean I think it's a good idea).

The idea that one side is exercising their right to free speech and the other is inciting to violence is exactly the myopic problem with America, we have taken our partisan views on the meaning of freedom to silly and dangerous lengths.

When mobs use violence or the threat of violence be they White Supremacists or Berkley Communists and when colleges provide "safe" (non-freedom of speech) zones, righty or lefty, liberty is at risk.

Marty Richman  

While we may agree in principle that two wrongs don't make a right respective of your stated analogy, America has never witnessed the bizarre and absurd behavior and temperament of a sitting president such as Trump. He is demonstrating that he is not a stable and credible leader. 

No one questions his first amendment right to speak out and act out like a disturbed juvenile in need of psychotherapeutic medication, nor does the American public condone outrageous acts of attention-seeking so-called celebrities or artists who exhibit or posit visages of assassination or the beheading of the president.

Returning to the message of the author, there will always be some sort of division in political agendas which is inherent to our democratic Republic. 

Sen. Cannella 'tip toes' around the issue of political division caused by an autocratic would-be dictator who attacks the free press daily under the guise of 'fighting back', even when doing so demeans the integrity of the office of the presidency of the United States, thereby damaging our international reputation of equality, freedom, liberty and justice for all. 

If I were a Trump voter - I was not - I would say that he was attacked as illegitimate before he even took office.  The protests were fine UNTIL they became mobs (in Portland) or closed roads (in LA) or challenged free speech (Berkley), that's not right and that's not freedom.  What evidence is there that Trump is a "would-be dictator"?  I say there is none, it's more political claptrap.

Many Americans, I was one of them, considered Obama more dictatorial for his misuse of Executive Orders - no, you do not measure Executive Orders by their number, you measure them by their subject and impact.  We all have our hot buttons.

Feel free to oppose Trump, what do I care, just to point out that CNN just had three key people resign for publishing a hit piece on Trump that had no discernable basis.  If the legitimate press sees itself as the protector of America's freedoms then they have to learn to be more careful and put their own biases aside MORE than anyone else.

We are all human and we all slip into that mode (me too).  I have seen you attack Luis on this forum focusing in his "agenda" rather than the data he puts forward.  So, please, none of us are holier than thou, and not everything is political.  Sometimes people just want others who understand their needs.

The truth is that most of our problems are our own, but it's much easier to take it out on our politicians, then we do not have to take personal responsibility for our failings.

Happy Fourth everyone!

Marty Richman 

Nope. I disagree on just about everything expressed here. The so-called Main Stream Media GAVE Trump about $5 billion dollars in free press for 18 months or so leading up to the election. Suddenly, the same MSM is the devil and the "enemy" when they bother to hold him to account for his lies, falsehoods, BS, hyperbole and crass, infantile temper tantrums.

You and Fox News hated Obama for his Executive Orders but acquiesce or support Trump's Executive Orders banning Muslims, etc.

With respect to Luis Burguillo, I openly challenged his anti-law enforcement diatribes accusing HPD of racial profiling and comparisons to Ferguson MO police and the shooting of Michael Brown to which he never responded. I also wrote that Burguillo was utilizing 'confirmation bias' as a tool to paint his opinion with a wide brush in this forum and even submitted a commentary which BenitoLink chose not to publish. Again, no response from Burguillo so I don't get your failed straw man logic but I'm used to it.

Finally, Trump is a failed leader with a juvenile, narcissistic personality disorder (my lay person opinion) and a bully pulpit with which he broadcasts mean-spirited, vindictive, retaliatory and outright lies to attack the so-called Fake News media whose job it is to question and criticize his logic, reasoning and unconstitutional Executve Orders and inane competency. He lied about Obama's national origin for 5 years, reluctantly reversing the lie just prior to the election that the Russians helped him secure. 

Happy July 4 everyone. 

"You and Fox News hated Obama for his Executive Orders" lol , stop reading from the script.  Since I never watch TV "news" of any stripe except for breaking stories you display total ignorance of my news source regime.  I'll be glad to enlighten you if you ever feel the need to educate yourself on the facts, I read some of the NY Times, LA Times, SJMN, BenitoLink and several columns most days.  I even read your stuff.

You use typical smear tactics learned in Communism or Fascism 101 - take your pick, Since you spent time priding yourself as a journalistic commentator one would think you'd at least fact-check something or are you too busy looking for the confirmation reports that the Russians HACKED the vote as you claim already exists?  There could be one tomorrow, one never knows, but there is none today.

No one lies like a good politician from any party or of any stripe, you're just incensed that Trump was able to out-lie both Clinton and her lukewarm supporter, Obama.  At least give the guy credit, he out-lied two of the world's best liars and that takes some doing.

Not to worry, I'm sure the Democrats will find plenty of excellent liars in the future - neither party has a shortage.  Personally, I find party politics sickening, but that's just me.  I have told a lie or two in my time; I'm positive you never did.  The difference is that I've grown out of it, but since you never lied, you did not bother to do so.

Marty Richman

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