Pledge of Champions in its final hours

BenitoLink, San Benito County’s local, nonprofit news is in its final hours of the annual Pledge of Champions fundraiser. This community driven fundraiser is made up of donations by citizens who value and support their local news provider.

At this time of publishing, BenitoLink is just below its matching goal of $35,000 and poised to blow past that marker in the waning hours of 2019. Thank you to those of you who have already donated. If you have not yet donated, you have until midnight to donate in the Pledge of Champions campaign and double the amount going to support local news.

Each year BenitoLink has been able to grow and continue to produce more coverage of county and city government, features, and consistent articles about transportation, health and education. Although BenitoLink is a nonprofit and run by a small staff, the news website produces investigative and in-depth reporting thanks to community members who value an informed public and keeping the powerful accountable.


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BenitoLink Staff