SBC Republican Party announces its decision to reorganize and reboot itself from the ground up

Robert Bernosky writes that Republicans need to be more involved in local politics.

Information provided by the San Benito County Republican Party

The San Benito County Republican Party has reorganized and is rebooting itself to focus almost entirely on the local politics of San Benito County.  Fellow Republicans and others of like mind are witnessing elected offices in San Benito County being held more and more by seemingly extreme left and other progressive individuals, and the administrations that report to those offices are shifting further left.

As a result, instead of crime being reduced, true solutions to overcrowded roads being implemented, academics remaining a focal point of schools, and the long-term financial health of our municipalities improving, too many of those in elected office today are focused on liberal progressive agendas that are costly to residents’ pocketbooks, detrimental to their children’s education, and result in poor government services.

While local government is sometimes not delivering the best that it can, it is always increasing costs to the residents. Our county has participated in the statewide efforts to increase things like gasoline and electricity costs, hurting the poor and middle class the most, which sometimes seems to get lost.

In similar vein, when residents are addressing boards in meetings, we have some elected officials stating that it does not matter what members of the public say in their meetings; it will not change the vote. They seemingly listen to their liberal progressive friends, but not to those of us in a more conservative frame of mind.

The San Benito County Republican Party would like to remind the public that income, sales, and property taxes are not only the high taxes we all pay. Garbage, water, sewer, and bond measures all are de-facto taxes, and elected officials set those rates.  Every “feel good” program your elected officials put in place costs money and decreases the amount of available for police, fire, academics, and the other core services that only government can provide.

The San Benito County Republican Party says first responders are the best for saving us and keeping us safe when danger lurks, and teachers teaching with sufficient resources and robust academic curriculum is the best way to provide high quality, skill building education to students. There are many other services that municipalities can do well at a reasonable cost, if the elected and bureaucrats are held accountable and resources are not diverted to other causes.

The San Benito Republican Party platform includes:

  • Keeping day-to-day living costs as low as possible, like for gas, food, and utilities.
  • Funding police and fire departments that reduce crime and keep us safe in San Benito County.
  • Schools focusing on reading, writing, and math and to allow for school choice wherever possible, and school employees and students being kept safe.
  • Responsible leadership in government that focuses on solving real problems such as overcrowded roads, rising crime, poorly performing schools, rising water, garbage, and other utility costs.

The end game for the San Benito County Republican Party includes partnering with elected officials to have them spend taxpayer monies wisely, deliver high quality in those services the government provides, and to take all viewpoints into account when voting.

To achieve that, Republicans need to become more active in San Benito County, at the local level, and let the umbrella organizations of the California Republican Party and the Republican National Committee focus on state and federal politics.  Members can be a part of all 3 organizations (as I am), but when members are at the table of the San Benito County Republican Party, they need to be focused on what is happening in our own back yard.

On a more personal note, I feel that I have always had a positive relationship with many of the elected and the administrations, and for that I remain appreciative. Although I am witnessing a shift, I truly want those who still listen to my concerns to be great leaders. I hope to return the favor.

For more information, contact Robert Bernosky of the San Benito County Republican Party at [email protected]

Rob Bernosky

Rob Bernosky is a chief financial officer, Chairman of the San Benito County Republican Party, former Regional Vice Chair for the California Republican Party, former president of the governing board of the Hollister School District, and former Delegate to the Republican National Committee. He formerly served as a member and secretary of the Citizens' Oversight Committee for the Hollister School District. Rob is a former elected trustee of the North County Joint Union School District, and has served on numerous other boards, including the Heritage Foundation of San Benito County, a local water company, chairman of the San Benito County Republican Party, and was a member and president of the San Benito County Committee on School District Organization. Rob is married with 3 children, including 2 who are teachers in public schools and 1 in private industry.