Local Politics

Pat Loe caught her fellow commissioners and ConEdison VP by surprise with her demand for $1 million. Photos by John Chadwell

County Planning Commission adds $1 million to amended first agreement with solar company to "heal community"

Pat Loe, who was a supervisor when original Panoche Valley Solar Project was approved, now, as a planning commissioner, wants $1 million to be paid to Community Foundation as endowment for nonprofits.

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John Guertin told the board that repairs could begin in next 10 days. Photos by John Chadwell.

Supervisors approve additional $275k for levee repair, now total bill $625k

After considering bids to repair levees, Chapin Construction chosen to do the job for $625,000. Supervisor Jaime De La Cruz warns that he will not support any more cost.

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Mike Chambless said the master agreement is for 14 years, with two automatic extensions. Photos by John Chadwell

Hollister council approves master agreement with school district

After nearly a year of negotiations between Hollister and the Hollister School District a master agreement on the use of school facilities was adopted and will extend partnership over 20 years.

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San Juan Bautista Council Members Introduce Cannabis Ordinance Draft.

Drafted by Victor Gomez of Pinnacle Strategy, this is the first time members of the public had access to the ordinance.

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San Juan City Council met Nov. 8 to continue last week's meeting, which was cancelled mid-meeting. Laura Romero photo

San Juan Bautista Council discusses last meeting's sudden adjournment, Mayor attempts to remove Planning Commissioner

The Mayor's attempted removal of planning commissioner John Hopper causes confusion among audience members. The agenda item is set to be moved to a future meeting.

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Abraham Prado explained the nuances of the growth management program to the council. Photos by John Chadwell

Hollister city council delays decision, again, on growth management program

In what could be called a sequel of the Oct. 24 meeting, Hollister City Council delays making a decision on the Growth Management Program until December as three home development projects wait in the wings.

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Jim Rydingsword and Enrique Arreola update Hollister and the county on homeless shelter to open Dec. 1. Photo by John Chadwell

Homeless shelter opens Dec. 1; unclear if city will provide funding

After updating the city and county on status of new homeless shelter, question remains if city will put up $200,000 but Rydingsword persuades county on contract and $100,000 advance

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Every board member spoke of receiving comments from citizens that influenced vote do deny themselves a raise. Photos by John Chadwell.

No pay raise for supervisors

After hearing from their constituents since moving to raise their own salaries by 55.7 percent, county supervisors shoot down any chance of raise, while suggesting formation of citizen committee to determine future raises.

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OPINION: Proposed Supervisors Salaries

Either change the job description for the supervisors in the next elections and give increased salary or give them only cost of living salary now.

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Retired Sheriff Curtis Hill   (John Chadwell photo)

San Benito County's 100K Club

12 former San Benito County public employees are getting annual pensions in excess of $100,000

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City staff will present resources to the local business community

City of Hollister to host Open House on Internet Service

The City of Hollister's next community open house will be hosted from 7:00-9:00 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 9. The event will focus on internet services in Downtown Hollister and the community. 

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Congressman Jimmy Panetta, Mickie Luna and Brent Wilkes (LULAC Executive Director,  Washington D.C.)

LULAC 30th Anniversary Celebration a Success

Community Celebrates the Accomplishments of LULAC

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Supervisors rethink Wells Fargo agreement to handle county payments to vendors

After being reminded that Wells Fargo is in legal battle over stealing from its own customers, supervisors decide to step away from the bank and look for other source to coordinate payments to vendors.

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BenitoLink gets $28,000 NewsMatch offer

NewsMatch, is "interested in informing the public and holding those in power accountable". It will provide an additional $28,000 in matching funds for Pledge of Champions Nov.1 kick-off

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Mitchell J. Dabo is San Benito County Board of Education president and a financial advisor in Hollister. (BenitoLink file photo)

County School Board President Mitchell Dabo Accused in Trust Fund Rip-Off

Suit alleges financial advisor scammed elderly widow for nearly $500,000 that had been left to community foundation.

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San Benito County Supervisors  (Chadwell photo)

OPINION: 55% pay raise means an added $26,821 for Supervisors

By a 4-1 vote, Rivas in opposition, County Supervisors take an unearned raise to $75,015 a year before $20,000 in benefits.

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Supervisors' vote themselves 37.5% pay raise, or is it really 55.7%?

After approving a 3.5 percent pay raise for county workers, supervisors announce their own 37.5 percent raise, but the numbers actually add up to 55.7 percent.

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Open House celebrates first large affordable housing project in county

Eight-year project concludes with open house to dedicate affordable-housing Buena Vista Apartments, the first large CHISPA project in Hollister and San Benito County.

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I will discuss with our reporters and see if we can get something going soon.

Hollister shopping cart ordinance goes into effect January

Hollister city council passes shopping cart ordinance that will affect homeless, residents who use them to take groceries home, and businesses.

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Bill Avera said the city employee will need to be familiar with cannabis law, city ordinances and working with council. Photos by John Chadwell.

Hollister council to hire cannabis affairs manager

Hollister city council moves forward in setting up cannabis affairs manager to coordinate between city departments and 90 cannabis-related companies.

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