People gathered at the Strada Verde Information Center to await early election results. Photo by John Chadwell.

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Early election returns give lead to opponents of Measures R and Q

Hollister mayoral candidates, opposers of Measures give early impressions.

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Public Letter

PUBLIC LETTER: Dan Floriani writes to Hollister Mayor Ignacio Velazquez

Floriani writes that he is taking a stand against the misinformation being shared on social media about his property and the Strada Verde project.

Mia Casey and Ignacio Velazquez. Photos provided by the candidates.

Government / Politics

2022 General Election: Hollister mayor

Mia Casey challenges Ignacio Velasquez for the city’s executive seat.

Mayor Ignacio Velazquez. Photo by John Chadwell.


Local group scraps effort to recall Hollister mayor

Andrew Russo says the group will focus on the November 2022 election. 

Superior Court Judge Omar Rodriguez agreed to give attorney Brad Sullivan a 90-day continuance for medical reasons. Photo by John Chadwell.


Lawsuit against Hollister mayor and council member delayed 

The case brought by Irma Gonzalez and Elia Salinas against Velazquez and Resendiz is postponed for 90 days because of their attorney’s illness.

Ignacio Velazquez and Sal Mora.

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Election 2020: Hollister Mayor

Sal Mora challenges longtime incumbent Ignacio Velazquez.

Sal Mora. Photo provided.

Government / Politics

Salvador Mora to run for Hollister Mayor

“Hollister is at the crossroads of opportunity. It always has been, but you have to work hard to give residents and the business community the chance to grow and thrive,” Mora said.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: Keeping the camel’s nose out of someone else’s tent

“The camel's nose is a metaphor for a situation where the permitting of a small, seemingly innocuous act will open the door for larger, clearly undesirable actions.” – Wikipedia.