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San Benito County History


I’m a lifelong resident of San Benito County. I reside in Hollister with my wife, Brenda. I’m embarking on my 19th year at San Benito High School, where I teach world history and Mexican-American history. In addition, I'm moonlighting as a freelance journalist for BenitoLink. My passion is delving deeper into the nuances of the local, historical record, while including lesser-known stories of our past. My hope is that county residents will have a greater appreciation for the diversity and complexity of San Benito County, realizing that its uniqueness depends upon our responsibility as its stewards.

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Article 03/01/2014 Kodomo No Tame Ni (For the Sake of the Children): The Life of Kichigoro Tanimura Published
Article 10/05/2014 Local reverend became an agent of social change Published
Article 10/12/2014 Reverend David W. Havens: An Agent of Change (Part 2) Published
Article 11/01/2014 Reverend David W. Havens: An Agent of Change (Part 3) Published
Article 11/06/2014 Reverend David W. Havens: An Agent of Change (Part 4) Published
Article 11/23/2014 Reverend David W. Havens: An Agent of Change (Part 5) Published
Article 12/06/2014 Reverend David W. Havens: An Agent of Change (Part 6) Published
Article 12/18/2014 Reverend David W. Havens: An Agent of Change (Part 7) Published
Article 01/04/2015 Reverend David W. Havens: An Agent of Change (Part 8) Published
Article 03/16/2015 The Abdys: A Couple in Love with San Juan Bautista Published
Article 04/13/2015 COMMENTARY: The Catholic Church and Genocide Published
Article 04/19/2015 Following in his father’s historic footsteps Published
Article 04/23/2015 Centennial of Armenian genocide marked Friday Published
Article 04/26/2015 Longtime resident proud of her Armenian heritage (second in a series) Published
Article 05/23/2015 Opposing the canonization of Father Junipero Serra on the world stage Published
Article 06/26/2015 8th Annual Los Padrinos Car Show Scheduled for Saturday in San Juan Bautista Published
Article 06/28/2015 Amah Mutsun Tribal Member will Attend White House Event Published
Article 07/03/2015 Annual car show helped local charities Published
Article 07/06/2015 COMMENTARY: Speak Up for the Rohingya Before It's Too Late Published
Article 07/07/2015 Amah Mutsun Tribal Band to hold event opposing Fr. Junipero Serra's canonization Published
Article 07/14/2015 Invocations from Day of Prayer Event Oppose Fr. Junipero Serra's canonization Published
Article 07/20/2015 San Juan Library becomes a Living World of Discovery Published
Article 07/23/2015 Amah Mutsun tribal member inspired by White House trip Published
Article 08/05/2015 VFW auxiliary post looks to boost membership in San Juan Bautista Published
Article 08/07/2015 COMMENTARY: Don't Send a Lion Killer into the Lion's Den Published
Article 08/23/2015 Woolpert Algebra Academy Readies County's Middle Schoolers for This Year and Beyond Published
Article 08/30/2015 COMMENTARY: The Recent Death of Ieng Thirith Reminds Us that Genocide Should Never Be Forgotten Published
Article 09/16/2015 COMMENTARY: Sept. 16: A day of debate, revolution, and a grape strike Published
Article 09/20/2015 11th Hour Efforts Bid to Halt Fr. Junipero Serra's Canonization Published
Article 10/01/2015 DREAMers Club Makes College a Reality for Undocumented Students Published
Article 10/13/2015 The Life of Alfonso J. Castañeda: A Dream and Recipe for Success Published
Article 11/08/2015 El Teatro Campesino: Fifty Years and Counting Published
Article 11/17/2015 Hollister City Council Proclaims Nov. 18 as Al Castañeda Day Published
Article 12/06/2015 Local Couple Opens Drop-in Center for the County's Homeless Published
Article 12/13/2015 Thomas Samuel (T.S.) Hawkins: A highly interesting and busy life Published
Article 01/31/2016 Scenes from the Cuban Revolution Captured by Former Hollister Minister Published
Article 02/07/2016 33rd Annual California Missions Conference Coming to San Juan Published
Article 02/27/2016 For More Than a Decade, the Mission Pageant Plays Attracted Thousands Published
Article 03/03/2016 Mission San Juan Bautista's Apostolado: A Historically Significant Artwork Published
Article 03/10/2016 Amah Mutsun Tribal Band's Land Trust is Subject of Short Film Published
Article 03/18/2016 Trust works to preserve ancestral tribal lands in San Benito County Published
Article 03/28/2016 Inspiring Hundreds Through Cesar Chavez's Legacy Published
Article 04/01/2016 Democracy In The Fields: A Project Honoring California's Farmworkers and the Newfound Freedoms They Reaped in 1975 Published
Article 04/12/2016 Hollister Resident Soars When Sharing His Knowledge of Birds Published
Article 05/01/2016 Photo Exhibit at CSUMB Honors Students Who Contributed to Preserving Mission SJB Published
Article 06/06/2016 Transgender Student at SBHS Finds His Way Published
Article 06/10/2016 California Humanities Presents "Journalism and Democracy in California" Published
Article 06/23/2016 Los Padrinos Car and Truck Club To Host Annual Car Show in San Juan Bautista Published
Letter 09/16/2014 The National Football League's Misguided Policies Published
Letter 12/20/2014 North Korea's Brutality: A Premiere Attraction Published