Women’s Fund Thanks A Caring Community

Women's Fund Endowment has a goal of reaching $1 million in the next three years

Recently, the Women’s Fund hosted a community-wide event celebrating historic women of San Benito County—“The Legacies of Women."  This special event gave tribute to the remarkable matriarchs of San Benito County from the early1900s. 

Our early pioneers were brilliant visionaries of their time and true community champions in their commitment to help make San Benito County what it is today.  Historic women such as Julia Bolado, Bertha Briggs, Kate Dunne, Doris Hoyle and Hazel Hawkins, all paved the way for social change and innovation in our community.  

The “Legacies of Women” raised $50,000 to support the work of the Women’s Fund in the areas of local grant making and community initiatives. 

The Women’s Fund at the Community Foundation for San Benito County is the first full spectrum fund in our community dedicated to serving a broad range of issues for women and girls in San Benito County. Through collaborations, strategic grant making, and focused goals, the Women’s Fund tackles the most pressing needs, and 2015 marked the first grant making year of the Women’s Fund, focusing on the areas of violence prevention, youth empowerment, and pathways to citizenship for migrant women.  

The Women’s Fund Advisory is looking ahead to 2016 and making a difference in women’s economic self-sufficiency and deepening their impact on domestic violence in San Benito County.  (click here to learn more)

Like the early San Benito County matriarchs, the caring women of our community today share in their dream to make a difference.  The Women’s Fund Endowment provides an opportunity for all of us to collectively “pay it forward” in a shared vision of change.

The Women’s Fund Endowment has an ambitious goal to reach $1 million in the next three years.  With a current start of $118,000, we know that together, with the generous participation of our caring community, we can reach this goal and make a significant difference in the lives of women and girls in our community—today and forever.  The Women’s Fund Advisory invites you to start your legacy today with your simple pledge to the Women’s Fund Endowment. Every amount matters and counts! 

We are eternally grateful for the very generous donors who helped launch the Women’s Fund Permanent Endowment.   (Donor list through November 9, 2015)

Please join these caring individuals in their legacy of support!  (click here to request a pledge card)

Larry and Diane Barr
Bev Bartlett
Margie Barrios
Donna L. Bakich, Attorney At Law
Aileen Boffa
Christine Breen
Anne Brooks
Alisa Caggiano
Mary Casillas
Kristina Chavez Wyatt
Jill Clark-Kunich
Marian Cruz
Gail Delorey
Valerie Egland
Marilyn Ferreira
Ellen Fisher
Kay Filice, Filice Family Fund
Phyllis Fortino
Katherine Foster
Blanca Garza
Georganna Gularte
Anne Hall
Valerie Harmssen
Evelyn Hibino
Stephanie Hicks
Marie Hoffman
Patricia Johns
Kathy Johnson
Kimberly Kimber
NK Layman
Irene Maggini
Laurie Marcus
Norma Martinetti
Mary McCullough
Beverley Meamber
Pauline Mifsud
Susan Modic
Madeline Nelson
Margaret Pidd
Rajkovich Brothers
Mari Rossi
Paul Rovella
Rebecca Salinas
Melinda Scherr
Kathy Schipper
Lynn Shaffer
Dr. Parveen Sharma, M.D.
Valerie Smith
Mickie Solorio-Luna
Nancy Stafford
Susan and Charles Thompson
Kathy Tiffany
Dara Tobias
Sharlene Van Rooy
Elizabeth Velazquez
Juli Vieira
Gloria Volosing
Brenda Weatherly
Mary White
Edwina Young

For more information on the Women’s Fund, please contact Stephanie Hicks at the Community Foundation for San Benito County at [email protected] or 630-1924.