BenitoLink is a nonprofit news website serving the residents of San Benito County. We were founded in 2012 with the financial help of Knight Foundation, county residents and the Community Foundation for San Benito County. In December 2015, we became a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit designed to serve all residents of San Benito County. BenitoLink is based in Hollister, California. The community supported nonprofit was designed to invite the voice of the whole community and provide nonpartisan news and information.

Mission / Vision

Our mission is to connect San Benito County residents through local news and information.

Our Story

BenitoLink was born out of a two-year visioning process which involved listening to nearly a thousand residents of San Benito County.

Our Team

Meet the BenitoLink staff, reporters, photographers, and interns.

Board of Directors

Meet BenitoLink's board of directors.


Take part in BenitoLink as a supporter through business sponsorships, donations or grants.

Nonprofit Club

Local nonprofits can benefit by joining our Nonprofit Club.

Open Editorials

BenitoLink hosts a monthly “Open Editorial”.

Share story ideas

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We invite regional residents to write for BenitoLink about San Benito County issues.


The BenitoLink team appreciates volunteers on a limited basis and welcomes interested parties.

BenitoLink helps enable and facilitate resident participation by providing a vital communication hub that contributes to the quality of life in our community. Community support is key to BenitoLink’s growth and continued service to San Benito County residents. We sincerely hope that you will find value in BenitoLink and support our ongoing mission to be inclusive, welcoming and known as a trusted news source.

Your news, your stories, your county. BenitoLink