Dipper Constellation. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


Searching the Sky: circumpolar constellations

David Baumgartner writes about routes of constellations and how we can use them to navigate.

San Luis Reservoir. Photo courtesy of Shawn Novack.


COLUMN: Stage II of the Water Shortage Contingency Plan to be implemented

All local water agencies will be implementing Stage II the Plan the first week in May.

Burning cut benches to convert into char. Photo by Kirti Bassendine.

Environment / Nature

COLUMN: Indian Canyon to host event on revitalizing oak woodlands

A series of hands-on workshops aim to teach participants to improve oak health, lower wildfire risk and restore cultural landscapes.

Moon walk on the De Anza Trail. Photo courtesy of David Baumgartner.


Searching the Sky: 2024 total solar eclipse

David Baumgartner writes about his plan to go to Texas in 2024.

Photo courtesy of Shawn Novack.


COLUMN: Update on the Groundwater Sustainability Plan

Shawn Novack writes that groundwater is a critical buffer against the impacts of drought and climate variability/change.

Photo courtesy of Francisco Diaz.


COLUMN: County residents celebrate the Voter’s Choice Act kickoff

Francisco Diaz, Assistant County Clerk-Recorder, writes about the County’s transition to the Vote Center model.


Searching the Sky: What is Spring Equinox?

David Baumgartner writes about the sky's ecliptic line, which is the path that the planets and sun follow.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


COLUMN: Bureau of Reclamation reduces water allocations

Shawn Novack writes that effective April 1, water supply for all Central Valley Project M&I water service contractors was be reduced to public health and safety only.

Officer Stacey Esqueda speaking to a resident. Photo courtesy of Behavioral Health Department.


COLUMN: S.A.F.E. team is proving to be successful

Behavioral Health says the S.A.F.E. team has attended to over 52 calls and managed to safety plan 48 people successfully since its launch last fall.


COLUMN: Signs won’t intimidate or deter me

Supervior Kollin Kosmicki writes in response to signs that appear to call for his recall, censure.


Searching the Sky: The weather gods win again

David Baumgartner writes about his first attempt for the Messier Marathon and how we can see the meteor shower later this month.


COLUMN: Water conservation is vital

Water agencies urge customers to have their irrigation system inspected by the Water Resources Association of San Benito County.

The Pleiades. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


Searching the Sky: The Pleiades

David Baumgartner writes on how to find the Seven Sisters.


Searching the sky: The Messier marathon

David Baumgartner writes about a 10-hour marathon that takes place each year in early spring.

News Release

Gavilan College celebrates 25 years at Briggs

The Gavilan College at Briggs Building aims to be a 'one-stop shop' providing courses and student support services.