Stadium at San Benito High School. Photo by Julia Hicks.

Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: Mass vaccinations in San Benito County

John Bessa writes that San Benito High School should be considered as a location for mass vaccinations.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Community Opinions

COMMENTARY: Congrats to San Benito voters for their No on Measure N votes

Brian Schmidt with Green Foothills congratulates voters and draws parallels between the defeat of Strada Verde and the 2018 defeat of Measure B in San Jose.

Photo provided by Supervisor Mark Medina.


COMMENTARY: First and foremost, we are Americans

Supervisor Mark Medina writes that regardless of what party, candidate, propositions or measures are victorious on Election Day, he will choose to rise above incivility and work together.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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COMMUNITY OPINION: Frivolous Yes on N claims dismissed

Concerned Citizens of San Benito County chairman Frank Barragan writes that he has been the victim of false accusations by an opposing group.

Diagram from Strada Verde Town Hall presentation. Photo from Measure N Online Town Hall on YouTube

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COMMENTARY: Yes on N is a Golden Opportunity for Job Growth

Residents says Strada Verde Innovation Park is an opportunity not to be missed.

Image provided by Angela Hagins.

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COMMENTARY: Conflicted—the distance learning/safety dilemma

Hollister Elementary School Teachers Association President Angela Hagins writes that HSD teachers support the decision to remain on distance learning despite all of the frustrations it brings.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week

SBC Chamber of Commerce writes that unnecessary litigation caused by COVID-19, Prop 65 and the Private Attorneys General Act will have lasting impacts on small businesses in California.

Photo provided by Bill Lee.

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COMMENTARY: Food security, politics and the well-being of our community

Martha's Kitchen Executive Director Bill Lee writes an open letter to San Benito residents about handing out meals and helping others.

Rider McDowell. Photo provided.

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COMMENTARY: Questions answered about Betabel

Creator Rider McDowell responds to questions about the project off Highway 101.

Gavilan College campus in Gilroy. Photo by Robert Eliason.


COMMENTARY: Gavilan Board President speaks about fiscal management

Rachel Perez writes that though the college is in a tough spot financially, they are working on closing the deficit.

Hollister District 1 Councilwoman Carol Lenoir. File photo by John Chadwell.


COMMENTARY: Support for businesses downtown after recent fire

Hollister Councilwoman Carol Lenoir writes in response to the recent fire in her district.

Gavilan College Superintendent and President Kathleen Rose. File photo.

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COMMENTARY: Reflections and Renewal—the Way Forward

Superintendent/President Kathleen Rose writes about the past school year and looks ahead to the future.

Charlene McKowen at the Anzar High School Garden. Photo by Robert Eliason.

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COMMENTARY: Anzar High School staff go far beyond distance learning expectations

Former principal Charlene McKowen writes that staff worked hard to adapt and sustain a high-maintenance, high-reward vital program for graduation during the school closure.

Students are struggling with distance learning. Photo provided by Youth Alliance.

Community Opinions

COMMENTARY: Keeping youth at the heart of our recovery

Youth Alliance Executive Director Diane Ortiz writes that distance learning does not serve community members equally, and that the community must come together to address issues now.

Image provided by Rider McDowell.


COMMENTARY: McDowell Charity Trust-funded research for cancer leads to possible breakthrough

Betabel Project creator Rider McDowell writes about progress made in treating medulloblastoma, a form of pediatric brain cancer.