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Roxy Montana is a very unique and extraordinary woman who has dedicated her kind heart, personal time and her knowledge to the people of San Benito County for many years. She has been living in our county since 1999. Although she is a busy mother of 6 children, she constantly works to improve people’s lives for the better. Roxy began to serve her community as a volunteer at Hollister High School by helping in the school library and later served at the other libraries. She likes to read educational books and she frequently attends a variety of seminars.

Roxy enjoyed an illustrious career in several varied fields such as art, violin, gymnastics, skating and dance. She assisted others without charging. There is always room to learn something new or to help someone.

Her personal life has not always been easy, but she has been strong and wise enough to keep going on with her life and to keep a positive attitude toward everything and everyone. Roxy is always up for a new adventure; for example, she went to Argentina to learn how to dance the tango, an Argentine dance. Her curiosity knows no bounds…

Because Roxy is fascinated by horses, she has her own successful horse breeding business, where in Spring, 2023 she won the Bragging Rights to: “Horse of the Year.”She also volunteered to teach people how to better communicate with animals.

Undoubtedly, helping the people around her gives meaning and purpose to her life, and Roxy’s greatest volunteer and leadership efforts have been to serve as the Civil Grand Jury foreman/member seven times!

Roxy Montana. Photo provided by Natalya Gallion.
Roxy Montana. Photo provided by Natalya Gallion.

I have known Roxy only for two years, but I feel that I have known her all my life. It is so interesting and pleasant to be in her company. I met her in 2021 at the Civil Grand Jury. Glorious, magnificent energy surrounds her. Roxy has inner strength and courage to face and address different challenging situations. Her creative mind is always thinking. She is like an imperious, mighty magnet that draws people to her. That is why she has many friends. I like how she said, “We do what we do to enrich or inspire others!” She is also a very welcoming person.

The Civil Grand Jury (CGJ) is a team composed of nineteen members of our community, who are sworn to provide oversight to ensure that an honest, efficient government is operating in the best interests of the people.

Every autumn all Civil Grand Jury reports are published and people of San Benito County can read them online. Also hard copies of these reports are available at the San Benito County Free Library. Hollister City Council member Tim Burns said, “Their reports make us better and so thank you to the members of the current or past Civil Grand Jury because we are going to get better as a result of it and we are already doing some amazing things as well.”

In 2001, Roxy joined the Civil Grand Jury. Then in 2002 she served again, then in 2006, 2007, 2010, 2021 and again, now in 2023! During those seven years, Roxy served two terms as secretary and five times as Foreman.

Moreover, in 2022 Roxy created a Civil Grand Jury Association. She kindly offers her house for plenary meetings every month. She can move mountains and convince unbelievers.

Roxy has a long list of accomplishments.  She created the center of Public Discussion “We, The People” meetings to update the status of Hazel Hawkins Hospital every Thursday from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at Strada Verde (formerly Rancher’s Feed).

Also in October, 2023 at the Epicenter of Hollister, she organized a forum with Francisco Diaz in an effort to promote Effective Leadership, where local elected officials spoke about their roles and responsibilities.

Over all, Roxy provides valuable information to residents of San Benito County. Her attitude toward our community is great and unforgettable.

Her constant service to the residents tells me that this person loves people and does her best with all her heart.

This tells me that this person cares very much for our San Benito County.

This tells me that this person is a super kind, intelligent, hard working woman, who works very hard to make positive changes for the people of our community.

Roxy’s incredible dedication to CGJ is outstanding. The way she conducts every meeting is remarkable. She has a wonderful ability to communicate with people. She uses her intelligence, professionalism and kindness at the same time. She can find the right “key” to everybody’s heart. Everyone feels comfortable, like one big family…

 She has a marvelous impact and she makes a profound difference with the Civil Grand Jury’s role in our community. Her actions speak louder than words.

 Roxy is an inspirational leader to follow!