TriCal has been at the same location over 40 years. Google Earth photo.

Business / Economy

Strada Verde reaches safety agreement with TriCal

The company will pay to move part of TriCal’s chemical operation out of the county if the county approves its innovation park plan.

Abraham Prado, assistant director of planning and building, told supervisors June 8 there were 18 major projects coming their way within weeks. Photo by John Chadwell.


The years-long and costly journey to build a project in San Benito County

Explaining the steps involved in winning approval for a development.

News Release

County to offer free household hazardous waste recycling event

Residents will be able to recycle their electronic waste, non-rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and shred paper on-site.

Shawn Novack speaks with community members about the county's water emergency during the May 26 Green Business Committee meeting. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.


Q&A: SBC water conservation manager discusses enforcement, fines

Shawn Novack also talks about the drought, the county’s water supply and recycled water.

State Assemblymember Robert Rivas. File photo.

Government / Politics

Q&A with 30th District Assemblymember Robert Rivas

He reflects on the speakership, his new district and issues facing San Benito County.

News Release

California State Guard seeking volunteers for its wildland firefighting unit

Volunteers are trained and receive pay when deployed to protect the community, which may be up to 30 days. 

Volunteers hiking through Nyland property. Photo by Robert Eliason.

Environment / Nature

Volunteers gather seeds from native plants for post-burn restoration

The group’s goal is to restore ecosystems in San Benito County by reducing the amount of invasive plants.

Adult condor in Pinnacles holding pen. Photo by Carmel de Bertaut.


Central Coast California condor update 2022

Three new hatchlings have joined the flock


COLUMN: Water conservation is essential

State snowpack level sits at 12% of normal.


Strada Verde returns

After being defeated by voters last year, the Strada Verde project will go through the normal planning process with the hope that county supervisors will approve it.

In 2020, approximately 275 wildland fires burned nearly 200,000 acres of Bureau managed land in California. Photo courtesy of Cal Fire.

News Release

Bureau of Land Management issues seasonal fire restrictions 

Restrictions go into effect May 25.

San Luis Reservoir in 2021. Photo courtesy of Shawn Novack.

Environment / Nature

California starts its third year of drought with a record dry spell

Water resources available to San Benito County are dwindling.

Landscape view from Hepsedam Peak looking east towards San Benito Mountain in southern San Benito County. Photo by Ryan O'Dell, courtesy of BLM.

News Release

Bureau of Land Management seeks nominations for its councils

Nominations must be submitted by June 15.

News Release

Youth Alliance visits Indian Canyon

A grant helps the nonprofit in its effort to provide opportunity for local youth to be engaged in educational activities and build skills about civil rights.

Bob Tiffany. Photo provided.

Government / Politics

Bob Tiffany calls for more commercial revenue and opposes slow-growth initiative

The District 4 supervisor says understanding basic financial issues will help residents make good decisions about San Benito County’s financial future.