In January 2017, BenitoLink and author Jim Ostdick embarked on a new adventure: a series of free, public walks in San Benito County. The series was written and led by Jim Ostdick, a retired teacher and author. In the series of articles, local adventurer Ostdick introduced readers to the many walking opportunities available to us.

Author and human powered traveler, Jim Ostdick. Photo courtesy Jim Ostdick.
Author and human powered traveler, Jim Ostdick. Photo courtesy Jim Ostdick.

The prior year, BenitoLink readers followed his long route as Ostdick traveled on-foot from the East Coast all the way home to San Benito County.

A San Juan Bautista resident, Ostdick described his big interests as energy conservation, outdoor recreation, and human-powered travel. He was an Adopt-a-Highway volunteer and served on the board of R.E.A.C.H. San Benito Parks Foundation 2015-2017.

At the end of his nearly year-long series, Ostdick wrote to his readers:

“The BenitoLink Walking San Benito series showcasing some of the many hiking opportunities in San Benito County has been fun and educational for me. My hope is that each of you who have read the articles also enjoyed them. Even more than that, I hope you will grab a partner and get outside to walk and observe this awesome countryside for yourselves. Happy trails!”

These walks are now recorded and tested out on-foot, with wonderful descriptions of the unique qualities of each location. BenitoLink appreciates Ostdick’s dedication for this project and his patient message to try a slower pace and enjoy the beauty of San Benito County. Enjoy the trip…and Ostdick would say, “please folks, do not litter.”

Click on the images below to get started and learn about all the great places to explore in San Benito County.