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U.S. Representative, 20th District

Jimmy Panetta

I’m the U.S. Representative for California’s 20th Congressional District, serving you since 2017. I’m the grandson of immigrants, a parent, veteran, and former deputy district attorney. I grew up here and as a member of our diverse community, I believe in working together to ensure opportunity for everybody.

Jeff Gorman

Jeff Gorman was born and raised in Monterey. Jeff went from Monterey High to UC Berkeley, earning a BA in Political Science. Jeff has worked in investment management since 1992. Jeff chaired the Monterey County Republican Party, is Treasurer of a charity, and believes in giving back through volunteer service.

State Assembly, 30th District

Gregory Swett

Bio Not Yet Submitted

Robert Rivas

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San Benito County Board of Education District 1

Elizabeth Zepeda Gonzalez

Hello my name is Elizabeth Zepeda Gonzalez. Some of my hobbies are camping, reading, fishing, and interior design. I come from a humble family and grew up in Hollister; graduate of San Benito Joint High School. Obtain my Bachelors in Social and Behavioral Sciences from California State University Monterey Bay and further expanded my knowledge in Biology and Environmental Studies. While in school I co-directed an educational program to better prepare our youth to be college ready or seek entrepreneurial opportunities. My interest law and legal aid lead me to my current work; for local non-profit who services our try county community. I am currently directing our Emergency relief services. I am further applying to Law School and Graduate School in the bay area. I am running for San Benito School Board District One.

Shawn P Herrera

Serial Entrepreneur, Non-Profit Board Member, and Education Philanthropist, Shawn is a native to Silicon Valley. Shawn has 20+ years of successful business and technology leadership experience, setting strategy and vision for Silicon Valley startups. His diverse background encompasses strategy, operations, sales and marketing, and product and business development. Shawn has led several world’s first product innovations and built business ventures in the Compute/IT, Real Estate, and Entertainment industries. He has received industry recognitions and has co-authored multiple patents.

Mary Anne Filice

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Hollister School District TA 2

Elizabeth Martinez

I was born in Ameca, Jalisco, Mexico. I am an only child, my parents and I immigrated to this country when I was 2 years old. We settled in Hollister because my father had older siblings living here. As an immigrant to a new country and not knowing the language life was difficult. Once I started school and learned English (which I still consider myself an English Learner), I became my parent’s personal interpreter/translator. They relied on me to help them navigate through their language barriers. My parents worked in the fields/orchards/canneries for most of their lives, I also worked picking cherries, walnuts, and apricots until I got married at 18. They have had their own business of growing and drying apricots for the last 47 years in SBC. I am proud of my parents because they instilled in me the value of a dollar and working hard to accomplish what you want in life, as they did. I have been married for 33 years to my HS sweetheart. We have two sons, two amazing daughters-in-law, and 6 grandchildren. We lost our first child when he was a little over 3 months old. I love being a grandma, it has brought the biggest joy and purpose to my life.

Leonard JT Espinoza

Bio Not Yet Submitted

Hollister School District TA 4

Robert Bernosky

I am a chief financial officer in private industry, mostly dealing with special situations that require many different skills in difficult environments. Married for 31 years to Jenny, we have raised our 3 children in the public schools of San Benito County. I have enjoyed serving our community and preserving our western/agriculture flavor while bringing practical solutions to our governance. I like children to have a happy childhood and enjoy success.

Lisa Marks

I have lived in Hollister for 19 years. Two of my children attended HSD schools. We face many challenges with distance learning and upcoming budget cuts related to COVID. I am passionate about public education and want to help HSD to thrive, providing a quality education to every student.

Supervisor District 4 short term

Bob Tiffany

  • Fourth generation San Benito County resident
  • Attended all local schools
  • Stanford; U.C.L.A. (M.B.A.)
  • Managed Tiffany Motor Company 30+ years
  • Community service: HDA; Southside School District Trustee; Community Foundation Board; Co-Chair “Yes on G”; President of San Benito Business Council
  • Married to Kathy; two sons

Robert Gibson

I am a 5th generation resident of San Benito County. I work on the family organic walnut farm, at local Circle S Vineyard, and I serve as the Vice Chairman of the San Benito County Planning Commission, having been appointed by Jim Gillio. I enjoy hiking, my farm animals, and history.

Keith Snow

Bio Not Yet Submitted

Mike Mansmith

I am a; 47 year old, husband, father of four, and local business owner.  I have a tremendous work ethic, the drive, and the ambition to see things done.  I am a third-generation, lifelong resident of this great community and am the owner of Mansmith's BBQ LLC.

Dan Valcazar

Leadership is Dan’s top candidacy position. Strong leadership is what defines Dan. From a young age Dan has been asked or found himself in roles that require strong leadership. Examples from his youth are team captain of the wrestling team, or team leader for the karate team (Black Belt). Dan was part of the top trio of trumpeters for the high school band. See more leadership roles below.

Supervisor District 2

Wayne Norton

Bio Not Yet Submitted

Kollin Kosmicki

Kollin Kosmicki, a career journalist, is the former Editor of the Hollister Free Lance and Pinnacle newspapers. He founded local media business San Benito Live in 2017 and is Anzar High School’s head football coach. Kollin lives in the San Juan Bautista area with his wife Cecilia and 12-year-old son.

Hollister Mayor

Sal Mora

I was born and raised in the Bay Area. My wife and I felt that raising our 4 children was best suited in Hollister where my wife grew up. I’ve worked as a Juvenile Corrections Officer for the past 16 years with Santa Clara County Probation. I also work part-time as a Mortgage Loan Officer.

Ignacio Velazquez

IGNACIO VELAZQUEZ came to Hollister in the early 1990s. He had been living in Orange County and Ventura, but said he saw something special about Hollister and decided to make it his home. He holds a master’s degree in business from CSU-Hayward and a global studies degree from CSU-Monterey Bay. He is married with two children and met his wife in Hollister.

Hollister City Council District 1

Rick Perez

Bio Not Yet Submitted

Jose Fernandez

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Hollister City Council District 4

Tim Burns

Married 34 years, 2 adult children, Owned house in District 4 for past 22 years. Bachelors Science Degree San Jose State. Life-time part-time teaching credential. 40 years in Public Safety (Law Enforcement/Code Enforcement). Licensed contractor (inactive status). Retired Police Officer, retired Police Ombudsman, trained mediator, Community Compliance Manager.

Julio Rodriguez

Bio Not Yet Submitted

San Juan Bautista City Council

Jackie Morris-Lopez

Bio Not Yet Submitted

Nicole M Franco

Bio Not Yet Submitted

Scott Freels

Bio Not Yet Submitted

John Freeman

I am presently a City of San Juan Bautista council member, since 2016. I have a small consulting business in Water Treatment and Hazardous waste. Before that I worked for Romic Environmental Technologies in the Bay Area. I have advocated for the city Water Master Plan, since I took office and before as a citizen. I assisted with the Parks Master Plan, and brought sustainable electric power to San Benito County. I guided the City to new sources of income to improve our streets, sewer, and water systems.

Sunnyslope County Water District

Jerry Buzzetta

Barbara and I have lived in San Benito County for 34 years and have been married for 42 years, not counting the 7 years previous to that-beginning our relationship as sophomores at Campbell High School. I am a 3rd generation settler of the Santa Clara Valley on my mom's side, and 3rd generation immigrants from Italy, the town of Monreale, near Palermo, Sicily, on my dad's side. Growing up, I picked fruit, cut apricots, and had relatives that worked for the Del Monte cannery in Campbell. We choose San Benito for it's like qualities, so our children would grow up in a similar great environment, as we did. Our four children were raised right here.

Andres Builes

Bio Not Yet Submitted

Jim Parker

Hello, my name is Jim Parker and I have lived in Hollister, and in the district, for over 30 years. My wife and I have raised two sons here and have enjoyed being a part of this community. I was appointed to the Sunnyslope Water Board in January of 2019.

San Benito County Health Care District Zone 1

Jeri Hernandez

I have been fortunate enough to call Hollister my home for the past thirty-four years. I own a business here, and I have served for many years on the Hollister Downtown Association, working to bring more businesses to San Benito Street.

San Benito County has given me and my family so much. I am proud to give back whenever I can. I am particularly passionate about strengthening our local hospital, supporting our doctors and nurses, and making sure every patient gets excellent medical care

Susan Postigo

Bio Not Yet Submitted

San Benito County Health Care District Zone 5

Alberto Arevalo

My name is Alberto Arevalo I have been a resident of Hollister for over 40 years. I have a degree in Spanish Education and currently work as a Quality Control Engineer for Pride Conveyance Systems in Hollister. The hospital has been an important resource for many generations of my family.

Elizabeth Arrizon

Elizabeth is interested in how San Benito County Health Care District will continue to provide the necessary benefits to our local residents as our community grows in population. Her belief is that we desperately need local grassroots leadership who are aware of the health issues impacting everyone in our community. She is ready for the challenge and looks forward to working for the residents of our community.

Rick Shelton

I founded Shelton Insurance in 1980, a leading agency in California and nationwide. I understand the Healthcare Insurance System, patient needs, and reimbursement issues. I am active in community involvement, coaching over 25 youth sports teams, serving as Scout Master, and President of Hollister Exchange Club, to name a few.