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Balers get creative in upcoming art show

The gallery at Hollister High will feature over 100 pieces by current students.
Art Show Flyer

Students at Hollister High School are drawing up plans in preparation for an art show designed to help art students prepare for their finals.

The show, titled “Forest of Mind” will feature over 100 works of art—from scientific illustrations and watercolor paintings to installations and handmade shoes—all from the art department’s beginning art, advanced art and AP art students.

The show has a fantasy theme with activities for students and parents, such as coloring pages with student-made designs. It will be the first art show in the Hollister High school gallery since 2019 because of COVID-19 closures. 

“This art show shows art from every single student that I have,” art teacher Christina Ross said.

“Students were able to frame their art themselves and turn the gallery into an immersive experience. It was exciting to see the gallery transform.”

The students planned the art show themselves. Student groups handled decorations, layouts and advertising. Each student had the opportunity to frame their favorite art piece to show in the gallery.

Hollister High junior Jade de Haan and her fellow students helped produce ideas for the gallery advertisements.

“It was fun to contribute our different art styles with all the different classes to experiment and find out what to use for the poster advertisements,” De Haan said.

For junior Britney Chavez Soriano, her favorite submission to the gallery was a scientific illustration of a wolf.

“I am very proud of how I made my piece and all the texture that went into my wolf’s fur,” she said.

Although the show helped students prepare for finals, it also taught them to love their art and see that pursuing a career in the arts is possible.

“It isn’t just one piece in the gallery, but so many different types of art,” junior Vanessa Moitoso said.

“Through this show, people can see how every artist creates in their own way and can see that you use art in the future whether it’s for your career or just for fun.” 

The art show reception is March 17 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Baler Gallery, located in the Hollister High School main office at 1220 Monterey Street. Admission is free and the art show is open to the public.

“Artists are creative problem solvers,” Ross said. “Art can be used to express ourselves, effect change, and create an environment for others.”  


The BenitoLink Internship Program is a paid, skill-building program that prepares local youth for a professional career. This program is supported by Monterey Peninsula Foundation AT&T Golf Tour, United Way, Taylor Farms and the Emma Bowen Foundation.



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