The BenitoLink story starts with a handful of  forward thinking individuals interested in listening to fellow residents, learning about common goals and building an outstanding future for San Benito County. BenitoLink was born out of a two-year visioning process called “Vision San Benito” which involved listening to nearly a thousand residents of San Benito County.

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Members of the community cited the lack of local news and information as a major concern. A few leaders set the path of civic engagement and training, then joined up with the Community Foundation for San Benito County to reach into the community and learn about its needs and dreams.

With the help of the CommunityFoundation for San Benito County, private donors and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Vision San Benito, a small group developed BenitoLink, an on-line web portal created by San Benito residents for San Benito residents. Nonpartisan BenitoLink is designed to include local news, events, sports, opinions and community discussion forums.

Grants from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Community Foundation for San Benito County were made available with the intention to support an open, communicative well-informed community prepared to train and select its leaders. Today, INN (Institute for Nonprofit News) also plays a major role, supporting our annual Pledge of Champions fall fundriasing event with matching funds.

BenitoLink has a board of regional residents and advisors who run BenitoLink as a non-profit business. We have an Elections Committee for nonpartisan candidate coverage, a Strategic Planning Committee, Open Editorial sessions with local nonprofits, departments and organizations  Interested community members are invited to sit in on committee or board meetings to learn more about BenitoLink. Join us in building the local nonprofit news organization that San Benito county residents dream of and deserve to enjoy for the long-term.