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COMMENTARY: SJB Rotary supports San Benito Health Foundation COVID vaccination program

SJB Rotary board member Vicki Morris writes that the club is proud of its contributions to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting and volunteering with the health foundation.

This commentary was contributed by San Juan Bautista Rotary board member Vicki Morris. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

Vaccination of members of the San Juan Bautista Rotary Club has been cited in recent allegations of misuse of COVID vaccine doses at the San Benito Health Foundation Clinic in Hollister. The CEO of the Foundation affirms that all doses that were administered met the Federal and State guidelines for priority in vaccine administration. We understand the community’s anxiety about the pandemic and access to vaccination. We are proud of our contributions to addressing the crisis by supporting and volunteering with the Health Clinic.

Even before the COVID pandemic, members of the SJB Rotary Club served as volunteers for the San Benito Health Foundation. In the time of COVID, members have continued to be active:

  • Coordinating and staffing food drives in San Juan Bautista and Hollister
  • Assisting with COVID testing and vaccination
  • Assisting with traffic control for vaccinations
  • Pro-actively networking to ensure that eligible residents get vaccinated
  • Educating the public about COVID and the benefits of vaccination

Volunteers in Health Clinic programs fall within the County guidelines for Tier 1a priority vaccination, so members were shocked and disappointed by allegations that their own vaccinations were somehow improper or unethical.

Rotary International has historically been a key partner in vaccinations worldwide; and is now focused on the imperative of getting vaccine shots in arms as quickly, efficiently, and equitably as the vaccine supply allows. SJB Rotary Club members will continue to support that effort and the San Benito Health Foundation, which provides vital health care to so many under-served County residents.

Vicki Morris