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COMMUNITY OPINION: Thanks for the opportunity to serve

Hollister City Councilmember Mickie Solorio Luna contributes this letter of thanks to be posted on BenitoLink as she leaves office.
Assemblywoman Anna M. Caballero (D-Salinas) honored Hollister City Councilwoman Mickie Solorio Luna as 2017 Woman of the Year for the 30th Assembly District. Photo courtesy Caballero office.

This community opinion was contributed by Hollister City councilmember Mickie Solorio Luna. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors.

To my many friends and supporters:

[The Dec. 3] City Council meeting will be my last meeting as a city councilmember and at this time I want to sincerely thank all the persons who supported and assisted in my campaign for re-election to the City Council and the residents who encouraged me to run again.

The people voted and I honor their choice of candidate. I know that I represented my district to the fullest within my term in accomplishing affordable and senior housing, helping to qualify for grants that will bring change to the district, voting on park improvements, assuring that the downtown 400 block bring back the business development it once had, along with bringing accountability and transparency to our residents in all decision making. Historically, the Westside of Hollister was very much deprived from some city projects for many years and through my diligence in bringing change to this city district, I gave it my all to assure affordable housing and improvements were achieved and I am glad to say that within my four-year term I was able to accomplish five affordable housing developments including a senior housing project which will assure affordable housing to our local residents and business development goals which I hope the newly elected council will follow through on with the plans. Please feel free to continue to contact me should you need my assistance on anything.

I have truly enjoyed working with all department staff and thank them profoundly for the assistance and services they provide not only to the city council but to all residents of our city, thank you!

I ran a clean and honest campaign and that is what counts the most, I may have lost the majority vote in my district but gained the upmost respect from city and countywide residents which outweighs all.

Thank you! Forward!


Mickie Solorio Luna

Councilmember, District #2,  Term 2014-2018

Provided Dec. 3, 2018.


BenitoLink Staff