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BenitoLink is community supported news. That means it takes all of us to pitch in and have the quality news source we want for our county.We’re here to report on our local leaders and make sure those in power are held accountable for their decisions. It takes paid reporters to sit in on meetings, demand straight answers and fact-check so you get the whole scoop.

Unfortunately, producing high quality, original news is expensive.

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Reasons to Support Your Local Nonprofit News

Persistent journalism has an impact

Community support for “public news” or nonprofit news allows your BenitoLink reporters to cover the subjects that matter to you.

The voice of the communtiy

Aside from being a website where our journalists report daily, BenitoLink is a platform for community discussion and sharing your interests.

Trusted community information

With the help of local nonprofits and grocery store owner Chang So, BenitoLink was able to get important information out in Spanish.

Locals reporting on local matters

Teams like ours are more familiar with the geographical location, the cultural and historical background of the coverage area than reporters working for large news companies.

Educating future journalists

BenitoLink brings on interns from all over the county, bringing with them a variety of interests.

Why our readers support BenitoLink

Despite a diverse population, we all need dependable information to elect our leaders and build a strong community.

Fostering an engaged community

BenitoLink events help the public understand the issues better and are an opportunity to build relationships.

An organization you can trust

Our primary goal is to provide valuable, sometimes life-saving information to the residents of San Benito County.

Building the BenitoLink we all want together

Looking back at where BenitoLink started and where it is today.

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