LDS church holds Emergency Preparedness Fair

Event helped people prepare for emergencies and disasters

In February, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints held an Emergency Preparedness Fair. Members of the church who have skills, experience, and examples of products to share as well as others from in the community (PG&E, Department of Homeland Security, Hollister firemen, etc.) were involved and helped to put on interactive displays for people to see.

The purpose of this event was “To inform people in this community of the things they need to have and do to prepare for an emergency or natural disaster,” said Jennifer Coffeen, a member of the LDS Church. “It is also to give them resources and contacts to organizations that can help them.”

Jared Coffeen, another member of the LDS Church, said this event is important for people to attend each year, just as important it is for the Church to hold the event. “It’s important to hold events like this in order to educate the local community on how to prepare for disasters and emergencies. People also need to know how and where to purchase emergency essential items,” he said.

Not only was the event targeted to adults, it was also kid-friendly, as there were rooms where children could play games and win prizes.

Organizers said the event was important for two main reasons: To know how to protect yourself and your family and to keep people from needing other people’s resources.

“Those who are not prepared for disasters will be knocking on the doors of those who are prepared from a personal safety and security standpoint,” Jared Coffeen said.

There will be more events held like this at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints each year.

Shelby Coffeen