Nonprofit Underwriter

BenitoLink is currently experimenting with nonprofit underwriting. Nonprofits can help BenitoLink pay for reporting on specific issues that need more coverage but often get passed by with the time pressures of a working newsroom. The short turnaround expected in daily news can dominate in-depth reporting and articles that require time and research. Underwriters help us give these stories the attention they deserve and keep them on BenitoLink’s front page.

BenitoLink Nonprofit Club

BenitoLink works closely with many local organizations, groups and nonprofits. The Nonprofit Club is about relationship-building and includes a scheduled meeting with the BenitoLink team so you can put a face to members of our organization. Club members pay the small annual fee of $25/yr for one-on-one help so members use BenitoLink and other regional media providers to their advantage.We will work with you to get your name out into the community, tell your story effectively and make sure you use publishers to their fullest.

To give your organization a voice, contact us for more information.

Nonprofit Partners

Do you have a non-profit that you are passionate about? Community Partners support their favorite non-profit by sponsoring their graphic on BenitoLink.

You are doubling the effect of your donation and benefiting two non-profits at once.

One of our Community Partners is a Hollister resident who has had a long-standing interest in Pet Friends Animal Shelter. He chose to support Pet Friends by contacting BenitoLink, and sponsoring a Pet Friends graphic on the BenitoLink website. This allows the readers of BenitoLink more direct access to information about the shelter, and other ways they can support its efforts. Thanks to his dedication, the charming Pet Friends graphic we’re now familiar with increases exposure for this wonderful non-profit. Pet Friends is known for its spay or neuter services and for helping pets adopt new families.

BenitoLink can help your nonprofit build a strong identity in San Benito County. For more information about Nonprofit Club membership or becoming a Nonprofit Partner, contact Leslie David, Executive Director, at and 831.801.1356.