Paul Rovella receives award from Andres Rivas from Speaker Robert Rivas office. Photo by Robert Bernosky
Paul Rovella receives award from Andres Rivas from Speaker Robert Rivas office. Photo by Robert Bernosky

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Attorney at Law Paul Rovella was recognized as a friend to agriculture Nov. 4 at The Barn Event Center in Tres Pinos. About 100 guests came to the event hosted by San Benito County Farm Bureau.

Presenting certificates were Andres Rodriguez from Speaker Robert Rivas’ office, San Benito County Supervisors Angela Curro, Mindy Sotelo and Dom Zanger as well as Donald Wirz, San Benito County Farm Bureau President.

The Farm Bureau shared the qualities that they look for in an honoree.

“An individual who is actively involved with Agriculture, who is innovative, a progressive thinker, and has created efficiencies in his or her industry. That person has taken the often-challenging steps to assure the long-term viability of Agriculture in San Benito County.

It is expected that the honoree is not only involved in the Ag community but is also involved in our local community. That he or she contributes to a school, church, government, non-profit or the county fair.

In short, our Farm Bureau honoree is committed to the betterment of Agriculture and San Benito County and works to make both a better place.”

In a email, Farm Bureau Executive Director Brittany Brown wrote, “Paul Rovella, truly embodies the spirit of this award. Paul is an advocate and defender of Agriculture, an active and giving member of our community, and a well deserving Farm Bureau Honoree.”

Rovella has been:

  • Board Member at SBC Chamber of Commerce
  • Water Committee Member for Grower Shipper Association of the Central Coast
  • Board member for Sacred Heart School Board of Limited Jurisdiction
  • Presently a Member of the Board of Directors for 33rd Agricultural District, San Benito County Fair
  • Member of the AgriBusiness Committee for the California State Bar
  • Executive Committee Member for San Benito County Business Council
  • Member of the board of directors for the Economic Development Corporation for San Benito County
  • San Benito County Farm Bureau member and long-term Farm Day Volunteer

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