San Benito Health Foundation Receives COVID-19 Vaccines

Dr. Cooperman was the first health worker to receive the Moderna vaccine at the San Benito Health Foundation Clinic, as frontline health care workers get priority.

This news release was provided by Jorge Terrones, San Benito Health Foundation Patient and Community Engagement Officer.

In a Jan. 8, 2021 news release sent out by the San Benito Health Foundation Patient (SBHF) announced it began administering the Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine to healthcare staff members on Monday January 4th, 2021.

Dr. Glen Cooperman was the first SBHF staff member to receive the vaccine. Frontline healthcare workers have been given priority to receive the two-dose vaccine. Rosa Vivian Fernandez, San Benito Health Foundation President & CEO shared, “This is a proud moment in our organization’s history as we join efforts to protect our staff and community against this devastating pandemic.”

The vaccine will roll out to the general public as per availability of doses by the CA Department of Health Guidelines. Please contact your primary care provider for more information. San Benito Health Foundation is a community health center that provides medical, dental, vision, nutrition and WIC Services in San Benito County and surrounding areas. It is located at 351 Felice Drive Hollister, CA. The Clinic business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. To learn more about the clinic, visit or call (831) 637-5306.


Contact: Rosa Vivian Fernandez, MPH, FACHE President & CEO San Benito Health Foundation (831)637-5306 [email protected]

BenitoLink Staff