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City of San Juan Bautista

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
6:00 P.M.
311 Second Street, San Juan Bautista
please refer to City Council Minutes for definitive documents

1.  Call to Order
      Pledge of Allegiance
      Roll Call Mayor Tony Boch, Vice Mayor Andy Moore, Councilmembers Rick Edge, Jolene Cosio, and Robert Lund present. City Manager Roger Grimsley, City Attorney George Thacher and City Clerk Linda McIntyre and Deputy Clerk Trish Paetz also present.

 Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda
Rachel Ponce spoke to inform the public about the Aromas San Juan Fundraiser to provide scholarships for 8th graders and Anzar Seniors. They also have a visual and performing Arts after-school program. There will be a fundraiser on Saturday, April 13 tickets are on sale for $40.

3.  Presentations, Informational Items and Reports
 Presentation on Countywide Fire Service – Hollister Mayor Ignacio Velasquez and Fire Captain Mike O’Connor
Mayor Velasquez thanked the Mayor and City Council for having them. The City of Hollister, San Benito County and San Juan Bautista have come up with a plan to lower costs for fire protection. Mayor Velasquez thanked San Juan Fire Chief John Fox and noted that San Juan was the reason the whole thing came together. He noted that San Juan was the model for what he saw the county could do by working together. He said that they can save $3-4 million reducing response time and double the number of firefighters in the county. He said that more young people will be brought in to be trained to become firefighters as a career. He introduced Captain O’Connor.Captain O’Connor said that the plan began by reviewing the call areas are seeing what areas had the most service. It will be a total comprehensive plan for 3-5 years with an automatic renewal six months before the expiration they will begin renegotiation. San Juan will have a career staff as well as volunteers. There will be a CERT staff trained to assist in emergencies. There will be several opportunities for training. They will recruit more firefighters with consolidated training so everyone is trained the same. O’Connor said that currently there is San Juan Fire, Hollister Fire Department and CALFIRE. There is presently one engine in the county for the entire county. If the proposal goes through there will be 4 Type One engines in Hollister, and one for the North area and one for the West. There will be reserve staff available as well. There will be no reduction in staff in Hollister. Three personnel at Station 1. There will be a pool of volunteers who can work anywhere in the county, if they wish. The fiscal impact in the county. $1.1 million. There will be one communication channel to facilitate clear communication.

There will be a future station in placed in South County. Station response times should be from 5-10 minutes for the station in San Juan. The object of the plan was to place stations where the response times could be most effective. They will going to apply aggressively for grants to fund the project. Hollister will manage the stations. CALFIRE will still be fulfilling it’s responsibilities for wild-land fire response in support and maintain it’s stations. There was conversation about the mutual aid agreement with Aromas which does not currently exist on paper. Councilmember Cosio asked if the small waterlines for water would be a problem. O’Connor responded that t would be no different than currently. There was conversation about the need for three people for vehicle accidents to address victim’s needs. Cpt. O’Connor stated that they were looking for a multiyear 3-5 year contract. He said that there would be reports all along the way. Mayor Velasquez wants a partnership and wants to address issues immediately. Vice Mayor Moore stated that the reserves will have first crack at the any places available. If there is a need to fill in, they will use Hollister personnel. He said that this began a couple of years ago due to the difficult relationship with CALFIRE. He said that there had to be improvement. he noted that for $40,000 there will be a huge improvement, a full time captain to supervise the personnel he said he loved the plan. He commended the Volunteers and the City of Hollister for moving this forward. He said pubic safety for him was number one!


Mayor Velasquez said that his goal was to train young people to get them qualified for a career. The openings will go to those volunteers first. They would like to hire 7 individuals will be hired for full-time job when the program begins on July 1. All paid staff will be available at any time, twice as many personnel and more stations. Mayor Boch asked if CALFIRE has been co-operating. Mayor Velasquez stated that they have been very professional in their interactions and their services are needed and will be needed in the future. Councilmember Edge asked if there had been communication with local residents who are, or have been employed by CALFIRE. Councilmember Edge noted that the county needs to avoid duplication in a time when funding is difficult. Councilmember Cosio asked if they had looked at other cities which were having to deal with similar problems. Capt. O’Connor replied that they had. Mayor Velasquez said that the Fire Fighters through their Union is what is allowing the project to move ahead in terms of their willingness to work with volunteers. Councilmember Lund asked about the training levels. Capt. O’Connor stated that they would all be the same standard.  City Manager Grimsley stated that he wanted find ways to save residents money. He said that when you have a regional partnership there are more opportunities for grant funding. He and Mayor Velasquez thanked Supervisor Botelho for his work. Supervisor Botelho noted that this was a City of Hollister presentation to San Juan, he was simply present. He said the Board of Supervisors is looking for ways to work more cohesively and expand the coverage for San Benito County.
April 2 is the date for the SBC BOS to make a decision on the proposal. He supports the proposal and believes that it answers many of the questions that were unanswered last year when the issue of Fire Coverage in the county was under discussion. He also expressed his interest in having the county contribute funds to renovate the San Juan Firehouse. Mayor Velasquez said that this was a project that was going to cost funds for the improvement of coverage for San Benito County. BOS Chairman Botelho said that there would also be a proposal made to the County from CALFIRE.
There was a motion to move Item 6A up in the agenda so that it could be considered earlier in the agenda.
Motion made and passed

 Monthly Financial Statements – Treasurer’s Report
City Treasurer Chuck Geiger presented his report He noted that the report comparing the actuals form last year the change was -$18,000 compared to -$15,000 due to a little more capital expense. The cash flow was positive the next payment is due April 1st $1.938,000 $86,00 lower than expected due to lower property sales. The enterprise funds were at a loss of $20,000 as compared to the prior year profit of $53,000. He said the variance is due primarily to lower utility revenue in the current year and hight contract costs.
Overall cash flow was a positive $382,000 for the year to date, the positive cash flow includes the semi-annual C.O.P payment of $435,000. “This indicates that the city’s revenue sources are covering operating costs and debt services, which is a positive indicator. The financial state is almost daily being reviewed by the City Manager and staff. The City Manager reported that the Conference that the City Treasurer attended was very helpful. The City Treasurer shared a list of presentations that he found helpful. He noted that there were changes that the City Accountant might want to look at in terms of changes that have happened. He said 350 government agencies attended and that they were willing to help San Juan and he wanted to thank the council for allowing him to attend.

Library Report

 Fire Chief’s Report
Chief John Fox reported that all of the equipment is in service, there are 5 new members. There were 22 calls and the department had purchased five new sets of equipment. He reported that there were currently members who have been sleeping on the couch in the firehouse to give coverage at night. He noted that the availability of training opens up many possibilities for volunteers. He noted that he gets 3-4 emails a day from Fire Academy students looking for a place  to volunteer. He reported that he tries to keep it in county but will take them from out of county as well. For the next 6 months volunteers will ride with an officer and then they will have access to a lot of grants to get volunteers and to retain volunteers. He noted that he is trying to get the engine out in a minute or less. Councilmember Cosio asked if he was concerned about equipment in San Juan, pointing out the number of small hydrants. The chief noted that was the current situation and he was not concerned about that. He said that the equipment was okay. He noted that most of the departments in the country are “combinations”.

  Sheriff’s Report: Monthly Activity
Sheriffs Deputy Rich Brown reported a non injury accident, 3 vehicle burglaries, uncontrolled juveniles, noise complaints, one arrest for drug possession, one sexual assault involving a child. There was a question about the Davey Tree trucks parked in town. He said that he will check them out and see if that can be mitigated. It was noted that there are often cars parked the wrong way on Mariposa Street near the Mission. It was proposed by the Deputy that there was a need for better signage. Councilmember Cosio asked about the wearing of helmets by youth.  The Deputy felt that was not a high priority, saying that parents often cited economic difficulty. He said that the Sheriff’s had received a number of helmets that they offered to young cyclists free, but found that they were blue and youth were reticent to be seen wearing a gang color. The City Manager noted that motorcycles were violating noise and speeding usually from 3-6pm. The City Manager noted that he had seen CHP pull over groups of motorists. The Deputy noted that he has been threatening to have the CHP come in and help enforce. Vice Mayor Moore said that he had asked the CHP to come in and was told that they wouldn’t come into San Juan. The Deputy said that the CHP would come in and help.

Public Works Report – City Manager Grimsley
The City Manager noted that there is a leak in the City Hall roof that has been addressed by the Public Works crew. They cut an entrance in the roof for access. Councilmember Cosio asked who was responsible for the weeds in the sidewalks. The City Manager replied that it was in the city right of way. There was conversation about things the city might be able to do.

 Code Enforcement Report – City Manager Grimsley
He reported that the sign at 301 7th Street has been removed and the hot-tub has ben removed. He recommends continuing enforcement. The property owner at the Alameda has been notified that the remaining vehicle and boat can be stored if behind a fence. He asked if the city should be moving this forward. It was noted that this has been going on for a while, however It was noted that the abatement process has not been begun. The City Manager suggested that the process may need to be begun. He will contact the owner again. It was noted by the City Attorney that removing a vehicle is different than removing weeds, etc.

  City Planner Activity Report – City Manager Grimsley
    The City Manager reported that the Sign Ordinance is almost complete. It will be taken to the businesses for their input. The design review on the Brewery is moving along. He thinks it will be an improvement on the entrance of the town. The building will be reconstructed to appear as it did in the 1920’s.

  City Manager Report
He noted there are still trucks coming through town. He is working on acquiring additional signage. He noted that he has observed truck shortcutting through town. He noted that the city will need to respond with enforcement. He noted that the revenue sharing agreement is moving along in a simpler form. He reported that there was a legal judgement that supported a city’s objection to the county taking an administrative fee.
Trish Paetz reported that if having new ticket books if that would remove going through the court and fees and she has been given advice by the City Attorney that she will follow up on. She said that other cities have also renamed violations infractions. The City Attorney offered to speak with JDS.

Public Meetings and Committee Reports   
Councilmember Edge reported there was nothing at AMBAG about San Juan, and that the Strategic Plan Committee met for it’s first meting they have all received links to documents that are important to them. Councilmember Lund attended the Health Foundation gathering at Jardines. He hope to get their mobile van to visit San Juan regularly. He will meet with City Manager Grimsley and Mayor Velasquez about coordinating for the Motorcycle Rally. He thought the activities in San Juan will bring in revenue for the town.  

4.  Consent Items

Approve Affidavit of Posting Agenda
Waive Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions on Tonight’s Agenda Beyond Title
Approve Resolution 2013-05 for Street Closure
Councilmember Cosio noted that there have been cleanup issues for the organizer. The City Manager reported that this has been addressed. He also stated that emergency access would be made available.

Approve Resolution 2013-06 Establishing the Compensation for the Offices of City Clerk and City Treasurer
City Clerk McIntyre expressed her concern that if she had donated her $1 a year back to the city she would have to pay taxes on money she has never received.
Approve Minutes for January 15, 2013 Meeting
Approved without C and D considered separately and approved

5.  Public Hearing
 Consider Resolution 2013-07 Adopting a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the City’s Recycled Water Improvement Project No. 400-2012
The City Manager reported that he submitted his report. The $50 county has waved the fee and there will be a Department of Fish and Game fee. The Regional Water Quality Control Board that they had to be ready for the dye test. The recycled water will be used at Abbey Park and the Luck Library.
The Public Hearing was opened and closed with no public comment.
The Resolution was approved

6.  Action Items
 Consider Proposal to Partner with City of Hollister for Countywide Fire Department
Rachel Ponce spoke of her concern that there had been no previous mention of this proposal prior to this meeting. She wondered if the budget of the Volunteer Fire Department would cover the cost and she wondered if the volunteers would have to join the union. She was unclear about how many people would be available in San Juan for a call. She noted the the City has been very grateful to the San Juan Volunteers. She said that the bottom line is what will the merger cost San Juan and the residents. She noted that safety is important, but she needs to know what it is going to cost before it is done. The Captain O’Connor responded that if the volunteers did not have to join the union unless they go over 2000 hours. Mayor Velasquez noted that under the proposal, the staff would be paid to be waiting for the calls to come in. The City Manager noted that the current budget is for $108,000. The proposal would ask for an additional $42,000 with a full-time captain and sleep-over volunteers the volunteers would have someone to train them which would be helpful to their careers. He noted that the additional $42,000 would be from next year’s budget, not this years. Councilmember Cosio noted that there has been a great deal of thought and planning in the past year so this is not something that has come from out of thin air. Vice Mayor Moore noted that there will be reserves will have the opportunity to full time with the city of Hollister. He said that he thought they deserved the opportunity. He thought it was a win-win situation. Councilmember Lund stated that certain doors would be open that may offset costs. He thought that there would be 80 volunteers in San Juan, as well as 80 in the county. Vice Mayor Moore said that he went to the firefighters and the captains and asked them what they thought of it because he wouldn’t want to do it if they were against it. Councilmember Edge asked if this were a 24 on 24 off shift, San Juan staffing Monday Friday 4 on, weekends 3 on, when the call volume calls for it. For $42,000, 3 paid staff and a Fire Captain. Councilmember Edge said that he felt that it was a very good deal.
The City Attorney clarified that Council is not accepting a proposal but he hears that there is strongest support for the proposal from the council. The motion made was to accept the submission of the proposal. San Benito County Supervisor for the Second District Anthony Botelho wanted to hear that the council was comfortable moving forward with the ongoing level of funding being proposed in the partnership.

The motion was passed
Councilmember Lund thanked Capt. O’Connor and everyone who has participated in creating the plan.

Approve Resolution 2013-08 Amending Development Impact Fees Pursuant to Chapter 3-8 of the Municipal Code
The City Manager went over the water Impact fees. He noted that 55% was water 45% for sewer. He noted that 1.5% growth is reasonable for San Juan. It was noted that the D’Ambrosia project was to be built in phases. All of the homes would not be built at the same time. Mayor Boch noted that the fees were helpful to encouraging builders. Councilmember Cosio asked if the Water/Sewer hookup is done by the developer or the city. The City Manager responded that they pay for access to the capacity and for the water meter. There is a Landscaping/Street Maintenance and Lighting District. There was discussion about the placement of the meters on long sections of private pipe that may be leaking without being metered.

 Consider Approving Lease of New Photocopier in City Hall
Deputy City Clerk reported that the lease on the copier expired and they need to enter into a new copier. She reported there could be $3,336 in annual savings.

 Consider League of California Cities Request to Oppose SB7
City Manager presented the proposal which was co-authored by Assemblyman Canella. The CIty Attorney shared that they may think San Juan might want to be concerned even though they are not a Charter City. It was decided to write the letter using option 3.
The City Manager took the direction to write the letter.

 Consider Ballot Decision on League of California Cities Bylaws Amendments

continued to April 16

 Consider Request by Seniors Council for Representative
The Seniors Council asked for someone from the area. They meet the day after the council meeting.
continued until April 16

City Council
Councilmember Cosio noted a comment of the Deputy Brown to make the entire downtown handicap parking on weekends. CM Lund reported that the Fundraiser for Uncle Joe went well it was nice to see the city pull together. Mayor Boch said that he wanted to see the barbecuing stop on Third Street for two weekends in a row it has been a disaster. the City Manager reported that he was going to ask for a moratorium on the rental of right-of-way. The Mayor thought things were looking good.

 City Manager
He will be sending out notices of moratorium on rental of parking spaces in front of businesses.

 City Attorney

8.  Adjourned at 8:59pm