Shari Stevenson comes from a family of veterans. She is dedicated to serving all vets in San Benito County. Photo by John Chadwell.

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BL Special Report: Shari Stevenson fights for vets

She first became aware of PTSD and Agent Orange as a teen. When her two sons joined the military, she learned what benefits would be available after their service. Now she serves all vets in San Benito County for the Veterans Administration.

Weeks after her husband died, rather than grant his last wish for his body to be used for cancer research, his remains arrived at their home via Federal Express. Photos by John Chadwell.

BL Special Report

BL Special Report: Vietnam vet’s final fight

After being diagnosed with brain cancer linked to his being exposed to Agent Orange, Raymond Soileau fought to his final breath, but the dioxin finally won, 50 years after he was exposed to it in Thailand.

Raymond Soileau, second from right, served in Thailand for a little over a year and was diagnosed with brain cancer related to Agent Orange. Photo courtesy of Irene Soileau.

BL Special Report

Over 1,500 local veterans file claims with VA for possible Agent Orange illnesses

Local veterans who served during Vietnam War are engaged in struggle to obtain medical care and disability payments from VA for illnesses related to exposure to Agent Orange.