Blenheim apricots ripening in the orchard. Photo courtesy of B&R Farms.


COLUMN: Timing is everything for fresh Blenheim apricots

The San Benito Agricultural Land Trust writes where residents can find this local 'delectable fruits.'

Patti Gonzales packaging apricots. Photo by Robert Eliason.

Eat Drink Savor

Eat, Drink, Savor: ApricotKing Orchard helps keep the Blenheim apricot alive

The fruit’s thin skin makes it more difficult to harvest and limits its shipping range.

Families enjoying their time together at B&R Farms' U-Pick event on July 13. Photo by Becky Bonner.


B&R Farms opens its gates to the public

Guests come from near and far to pick their own apricots.

Many local farms have recipes in their stores or online for customers to follow. Photos by Becky Bonner.

San Benito Lifestyle

What to make with Blenheim apricots

Searching for a new apricot dish? BenitoLink has you covered.