Students participate in a writing workshop at the San Benito County Jail. Photo provided by Julie Morris. (Faces have been blurred to protect privacy.)


A view from the inside: What does it feel like to be in jail during a pandemic?

Inmates at the San Benito County Jail take classes to continue their education. During the COVID-19 pandemic, jail staff and Gavilan College have improvised to maintain students' education.



COMMENTARY: Leaning In The Fields

Women leaders in agriculture in San Benito County are helping build a healthier, more resilient food system by stewarding the land in an ecological manner; growing healthy food; building businesses that provide jobs and increased economic opportunity

BenitoLink Board of Directors (L-Rt) Karminder Brown, Lois Locci, Julie Morris, Rohit Sharma and Leslie David. Mark Paxton not pictured.  (Dan DeVries Photo)

Business / Economy

BenitoLink Gets Big Boost from Community Foundation

Website kicks off its first fundraiser and gets a $20,000 match from the Community Foundation for San Benito County