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Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: Why I think Measure G is essential to fix the roads

Mary Schneider says roads will get worse without local support.

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Government / Politics

COMMUNITY OPINION: Why Iā€™m voting Yes on G

Graham Mackie shares his reasons for supporting Measure G.

Traffic from Highway 101 merging onto Highway 25. Photo provided.

Business / Economy

COMMUNITY OPINION: Tax Payers Under Attack

Resident Noreen Martin writes that tax costs add up for residents living on fixed income.

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Government / Politics

Election 2018: Measure G

While the local transportation authority pushes for transportation sales tax, some remain undecided.

Highway 25 Bypass Gone Bad. Photo provided.

Government / Politics

COMMUNITY OPINION: Why I cannot support Measure G, even as a daily Highway 25 commuter!

Trying to get honest answers to Measure G has been a bad experience. Better to start over and get a roads tax that voters can have confidence in.

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COMMUNITY OPINION: Measure G needed to improve local roads

Accountability measures require all funds in San Benito County to be used for road and transportation projects.