Infographic by Alex Esquivel.
Infographic by Alex Esquivel.

Candidates for local office have reported over $100,000 in campaign contributions during the period of Jan. 1 to April 23. Below is a breakdown from the San Benito County Election Department’s website. Total donation amount includes those reported after the April 23 period.

Beginning with the June 7 primary election, the largest sum an individual can donate to a candidate is $4,900.The deadline to report was April 29 and the penalty for reporting late is $10 per day.  

County sheriff 

Challenger Juan Guevara reported a total of $16,452.17, of which $16,000 was self-funded. $8,000 was reported after April 29.

Contributions of $200:

  • Judy Clare French
  •  Jennifer Roybal


Incumbent Eric Taylor reported a total of $23,043. Taylor received $3,300 from local companies including $500 from San Benito Sheet Metal Inc. and RJR Recycling, both owned by Robert Rodriguez, Black-Cooper-Sander Funeral Home, Greenwood Ford, and $1,000 from K&S Market Inc which is owned by the Klauer family (Karson Klauer served in the Hollister City Council). He also reported a $1,500 contribution after April 29 from the San Benito County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

Contributions of $100:

  •  Anothy Weir
  •  Robert Knill
  • Candice Mancino
  • Niel and Gloria Volosing
  • Kathleen Gastrello
  • Silicon Cleaners
  • Debra Scherer
  • J.V. Picone III
  • Philip Fontino
  • Rajkovich Brothers LLP
  • Ellen Bell Campos
  • Jeffery Modic
  • Jerome Smith
  • Edward Nino
  • Printing & Promotions

Contributions of $150:

  •  Jeffery Guerra and  Lisa Nino Guerra

Contributions of $200:

  • David E. Grimes Company
  • Devon Ferry
  • Steven and Luanne Myers
  • Larry and Gail Shaw
  • Robert Nino
  • Robert Erickson
  • Tim Chiala
  • John Lemos
  • John Kunz

Contributions of  $250:

  • Thomas Nino

Contributions of $300:

  • Carlos and Susan Rivera
  •  Natalie Thompson

Contributions of $500:

  • Royal Elk Park Management
  • Paul Wattis Jr.
  • Michael and Tracy Nino
  • Stephen Taylor

Contributions of $750:

  •  Robert E. Cain

Contributions of  $1,000:

  • Shawn Herrera


District attorney

Challenger Joel Buckingham reported a total of $22,500. He contributed $800 in self-funding. Richard Buckingham and Lynne Buckingham of Walnut Creek each donated $4,900. Other $4,900 donors include Kathy Dassel of San Juan Bautista and John Gibson, a retired Washington superior court judge. 

Contributions of $100:

  • Jerry Smith

Contributions of $250:

  • Ed Ortiz
  • Tony LoBue

Contribution of $500:

  • James Hann
  • Roger MacWilliamson


Incumbent Candice Hooper Mancino reported a total of $19,475. She received a $4,500 individual donation from Phyliss Hooper of Hollister and two $1,000 donations from Christin-T M Hooper of Michigan, and Salvadore and Rebecca Rubino of Hollister. K & S Market donated $1,000 and the San Benito County Deputy Sheriff’s Association donated $1,500. Hooper Mancino reported $6,200 after April 29 including $3,000 from Joseph Mancino and $3,200 from Killie Nino.

Contribution of $100:

  • Ed and Margie Barrios
  • Eric Taylor
  • Mary Lou Nardo Coffelt and Bob Coffelt
  • William and Lisa Sutton
  • Brigit Fladager

Contribution of $250:

  • Tony LoBue
  • Richard K. and Linda Boomer
  • Richard Solano

Contribution of $300:

  • Natalie Thompson

Contribution of $500:

  • JP Stevens
  • Albie Jachimovicz
  • Sharon Aaron West


County supervisor

District 1

Incumbent Betsy Dirks reported $15,490.33. Her largest donations were $4,900 from Ted Davis and $2,500 from Shawn Herrera, both of Hollister. She reported a contribution of $1,000 from the Anzar Hills Democratic Club and $4,900 from SIEU 1423678 after April 29.

Contributions of $200:

  • Central Ag Supply, which is owned by former supervisor Jim Gillio  ($241.31)

Contributions of $500:

  • Giacalone Management Inc.
  • Cassie Amaya of Hollister donated ($492.50) 

Contributions of $1,000:

  • Gaye Valdez ($956.52)


Challenger Kim Hawk reported $10,087. Her largest contribution—$1,500—came from Ken McPhail of Sacramento. She received four $500 donations from Richard Sabbatini, Jerry and Suzanne Damn, Brent Sabbatini, and Kyle and Marissa Laubach. Hawk reported a self-loan of $2,000 after April 29.

Contributions of $100:

  • Timothy Dooling
  • Willis Dooling
  • Jim and Denise Prindville
  • Peggy and Eric DuTemple

Contributions of  $200:

  • Raymond Mariottini
  • Donald and Tomi Marcus

Contributions of $250:

  • Robert Quaid  ($240)
  • Mark and Eileen Tavares

Contributions of $300:

  • Carol Porteur
  • Kathy DeShane
  • Nancy Bozzo


Challenger Dom Zanger reported $7,340.37. His largest donations of $1,000 each were from Brenda Zanger and Casa de Fruta. The Zanger family owns Casa de Fruta.

Contributions of  $100:

  • Rob Smith
  • Kimo Silva

 Contributions of $400:

  • Gene Zanger


Challengers Elizabeth Zepeda Gonzalez and Sandra Patterson have no filing at this time. 

Challenger Mark Starritt filed as having no contributions.


District 3

Rolan Resendiz reported $7,215.95. He received $857.55 from Hollister Mayor Ignacio Velazquez. He received two loans from Nelda Escamilla totaling $2,197.30. He reported a loan of $1,000 from The Vault after April 29. The Vault is owned by Hollister Mayor Ignacio Velazquez.

Contributions of $100:

  • Amelia Parsons
  • Perla Garcia
  • Jose Luis Servin
  • Ismael Miranda

 Contributions of $200:

  • Esther Villarreal
  • Maria Lozeno
  • Elvia Skow
  • Victor Escamilla
  • Frances Breseda


Mindy Sotelo reported $22,586. Sotelo received $1,000 from the San Benito County Farm Bureau and $1,000 from Casa de Fruta. She received the maximum donation of $4,900 from Jami Pura and Luis Diaz, both of Hollister. The San Benito County Deputy Sheriff’s Association contributed $1,500. Shawn Hererra of Hollister contributed $1,000. Solano reported $6,900 after April 29. $2,000 from Anzar Democratic Club and $4,900 from SEIU Local 521.

Contributions of $100:

  • Richard Bettencout
  • Mishel Thomas
  • Kris Waller
  • Adam Sotelo
  • Jennette Velasquez
  • Lauretta Avina
  • Rhonda Brown
  • Ale Valencia
  • Daniel Briones ($126)
  • Denise McAbee

 Contributions of $200:

  • Donald Marcus
  • Patricia Stevens Thomas

 Contributions of $250:

  • Robert Bernosky ($251)
  • Michael Graves
  • Greg Swett
  • Jim Gillio ($249)
  • Darin Hopkins
  • Diane Diaz Hopkins

Contributions of $500:

  • Geraldine Wright
  • Paul Carbone
  • Jae Eade


Eddie Alfaro has not filed at this time. 


District 4

Tony Avilla has reported $2,399. His largest donation was $1,500 from A. J. Barragan of Hollister.

Contributions of $100:

  • Vivian Stubblefield

Contributions of $200:

  • Ed Huston


Angela Curro reported $12,202. She received two donations of $1,000 from Gary Filizetti and Shawn Herrera. San Benito Heating and Sheetmetal Inc. contributed $500. Curro reported $1,500 from SBC Deputy Sheriff’s Association

Contributions of $100:

  • Elia Betadal
  • Dave Ruprecht
  • Tesha Perry
  • Erica Rivas Hernanddez
  • Margie Barrios
  • Mary Lou Andrade

Contributions of $250:

  • Paul Manfuso
  • Ellen Campos
  • Salvatore Ruffino
  • Roger MacWilliamson
  • Randy Moen

Contributions of $300:

  • Natalie Thompson

Contributions of $500:

  • Theresa Dickson
  • Mark Poling
  • Michael Lodoen
  • Richard Della Maggiore


Elia Salinas reported $1,650 in contributions. She received $1,000 from Vincent Pryor of Hollister. (Salinas filed a handwritten report and BL made every effort to ensure correct spelling of names)

Contributions of $100:

  • Valerie Egland

Contributions of  $250:

  • Catherine Scattini


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