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4-H All Stars announce new projects

Projects include making socks for seniors and repairs at Bolado Park.

This article was contributed by community member Shannon Mansmith with 4-H All Stars.

The local 4-H All Stars have recently taken on two projects in the community: socks for seniors and repairs to the Bolado Park grounds.

Gracie Mansmith and the local 4H clubs came together on the evening of Feb. 5 to gather and make Valentine’s Day sock for seniors. Gracie is applying to be one of San Benito County’s 4-H All Stars and as a portion of this, she has organized this event to give back to the seniors of our community. These socks will be distributed to the convalescent hospitals on Valentine’s Day.

Garrett Mansmith is applying to be one of the county’s 4-H All Stars for 2019 and is planning a community project at Bolado Park. Garrett will be replacing the wooden seats around the back side of the rodeo arena. This will be a project that involves the entire 4-H community and will benefit everyone that uses the facility. His project is scheduled to take place on March 3.

BenitoLink Staff