Recently, as I was driving to and from Gilroy, I reflected on all the new safety improvements along Highway 25. I commented to my wife, who was riding alongside, how much safer this highway is now compared to what it was like 10 or so years ago when it seemed we were constantly hearing news about terrible and fatal crashes. And then it struck me. MY wife commutes on this highway every weekday for work. Her life could be one of the countless lives saved by the highway improvements I was only now appreciating.

We recalled back to the days when it seemed every week or so there was some horrific head-on collision with serious injuries and often fatalities along this stretch of highway and I remember many folks calling it blood alley. The Freelance and the Pinnacle would headline the stories and too often we would recognize the name of someone from Hollister injured or killed in the accident. But silence today is golden and those tragic reports come far less often now. In fact, as I write this I cannot recall the last one.

What changed? Brad Pike got involved. Remember “Stay Alive on 25”? He saw the problem, got people organized, dealt with government bureaucracies and set plans in motion toward solutions. Brad demonstrated determination and true leadership. I’m sure there were other folks involved but to me this again proved that one person can make a difference!

THANK YOU, BRAD, for savings dozens of our friends and neighbors lives, and perhaps even my wife’s!