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I don’t usually go to Pinnacles National Park this late in the year because of the heat. But there was to be a bird walk, so even though I’m not a birder (Mary is) we decided to go. There were lots of acorn woodpeckers, phoebes, and speckled towhees, plus a blackheaded grosbeak and an ashy flycatcher. Also quail, ravens, turkeys, turkey vultures. I heard one of the condor volunteers say he’d seen seven different varieties of warblers up at the reservoir.

Two volunteers led the bird walk. One did a presentation on Park wildlife. A young ranger from New Mexico led a very interesting walk up to the Bear Gulch caves. There were also a geology class from UCSC, several scout troops, and an amazingly diverse group of tourists and more or less locals hiking, rock-climbing, and picture-taking. The condors were off on a trip, maybe visiting friends on the coast. And the noon temperature was 101 degrees.

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