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A special garden for special needs

A group of people planted a garden for special-needs students at Ladd Lane School on Saturday, helping a dream become a reality for local resident Susan Postigo

A special garden was planted Saturday, April 16 by a group of dedicated citizens for the Special Education Department at Ladd Lane School.

My husband, Robert, and I have a grandson, Emilio Garcia, who is in the special education kindergarten program at Ladd Lane. One day when I picked up Emilio, I noticed planter boxes overcome with weeds. My first thought was to plant a vegetable garden there for these deserving students. I truly believe gardening, watering, watching plants grow is therapy.

I immediately went home and told Robert. We then organized some people to weed the boxes. We received various sponsors for the boxes and last Saturday, my dream for these children came true. With the help of some local citizens, the classes now have a vegetable garden as well as a lavender garden. I am trying to get the clients of Hope Rehabilitation and SVS involved. Maybe they can go weed and water the garden as well.

I truly believe it's the little things in life that bring us the most joy. Thank all of you who sponsored and all of the dedicated people that helped plant; your kindness is truly appreciated.