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A special night for SBHS seniors

Annual event recognizes the accomplishments of students and the guidance of parents

Senior Parents Night provides an opportunity for San Benito High School students to express their appreciation to their parents. This year, as always, it was held at Bolado Park, on May 18. The night included a free dinner for the student and parents.

To receive an invitation, students must write a letter to their parents on San Benito High School stationery and turn it into the Student Activities office. The letter usually relates how their parents have helped students become who they are, and helped them through all their years of school. Many seniors are going off to college and will be leaving their parents. Students wouldn’t have been able to get where they are without the support of their parents or guardians. Having support your whole life and encouraging you to do your best is very important, and parents are often the main source of that. This evening was the perfect opportunity to express how wonderful and supportive parents are in life.

“I’m really looking forward to Senior Parents Night because my parents have done so much for me and I can really show how much I appreciate them,” said senior Delilah Barraza.

When students arrived, they were seated with their parents, they ate dinner and then some students performed and read their letters to the audience. After these performances, students then read their letters to their parents at their table. When they were finished, everyone was able to take pictures and just hang out with one another.

“I can’t wait for this year’s Senior Parents Night because I’m going to let my parents know how much their support really means to me, and without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their influences,” said senior Courtney Grow prior to the event.