For 40 years Advocacy, Inc has served our community. This holiday season you can help Advocacy, Inc. protect the safety and well being of the vulnerable people the agency serves.


People such as Virginia, a nursing home resident:

“I’ve lived here for 11 years with not family to visit or help when I have a problem. An Ombudsman is my only outside contact who checks in on me and helps resolve problems when I need support.”


Or Mark, a mental health residential care resident:

“My family and friends are in San Francisco and can’t visit me here. The Patient Advocate helped me find a place in the City where I can get the treatment I need and have support from the people I love.”


Advocacy, Inc. protects the rights of long-term care facility residents and mental health consumers to have the quality of life and appropriate care they deserve, respecting their rights and wishes. 


Whether a placement in a skilled nursing facility or residential care facility is short or long-term, Advocacy, Inc is the community resource in San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties that provides the information and assistance needed to understand your options and rights. Advocacy, Inc. programs work from the resident’s expressed wish to ensure that needs are met and safety is assured, while treating each individual with dignity and respect.  Funding for these important programs has been severely cut over the last many years.  Your support is critical & appreciated by many!


In addition to our Ombudsman and Patient Rights program services, Advocacy, Inc. is a critical resource to community members who find themselves in a health crisis and have no idea what laws protect them or processes are available to assure care that is of their choice. Often, services of this type include help with hospital discharges or transfers to assure that an appropriate plan is in place before a patient is released from the facility.  All of the services are free!


Advocacy, Inc is the sole provider of two critical programs: the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program and the Patient Rights’ Advocate Program. Serving San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties, both programs provide complaint resolution, abuse prevention and intervention, rights protection, and advocacy for quality care and access to services for the populations they serve.


The programs ensure that each individual has access to an independent advocate committed to ensuring that each person is treated with respect, is fully informed about their circumstances and available resources to meet their needs, and that their voice is heard.


Public support is crucial in helping Advocacy, Inc. fulfill its mission. Information on the agency’s work can be found at www.advocacy-inc.org. Tax-deductible donations can be made on the website or sent to Advocacy, Inc., 5274 Scotts Valley Dr., Suite 203, Scotts Valley, CA 95066. Checks should be made out to Advocacy, Inc.