Alert: Flooding occurring in North San Benito County

Potential Pacheco Creek flood warning near Dunneville, Bell Station. Lover's Lane and Frazier Lake Rd.

This flood warning information has been provided by the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office on Dec. 31 at 7:36 pm.


The San Benito County Sheriff’s Office sent the following alert about “minor flood warning” on Dec. 31. It stated, “We have surface flooding in the 6000 block of San Felipe Rd in North San Benito County.”

Specific areas were mentioned. “The river gauges at Pacheco Creek near Dunneville/Bell Station show the river level is in the lower flood stage. The levels are currently dropping. Residents in the area should monitor their egress and plan accordingly.”

The alert also stated, “This should include Lovers Lane and Frazier Lake Rd.”


BenitoLink Staff