News Release

All lanes of 25/156 roundabout project open starting June 10

The project is expected to be completed in April 2023.

Information provided by Caltrans District 5

Caltrans announced all lanes at the intersection of highways 25 and 156 will be open June 10 through June 19 .

It added an update will be provided next week detailing the reactivation of lane closures which are expected to return the week of June 20.

According to previous Caltrans news releases, the purpose of this roundabout project is to reduce the severity of collisions and fatalities at this intersection.

Since 2011, Caltrans has implemented several small projects that modified the existing signal at this intersection, including adjusting the signal timing, installing “signal ahead” signs, installing flashing beacons, and upgrading the size of the signal heads.

An interchange at the highway 25/156 intersection is the long-range improvement planned as part of the larger SR 25 Expressway Conversion Project which is funded by Measure G, a San Benito County voter-approved additional 1% sales tax.

The roundabout is a two-lane design and anticipates truck volumes for the intersection today and into the future. In accommodating the sweep of truck trailer wheels, a mountable truck apron is featured around the inside of the roundabout.

The contractor for this $10.7 million construction project is Graniterock of San Jose, California. The project is expected to be completed in April 2023.

BenitoLink Staff