photo of participants in Parks and Rec study session

A special thank you to the San Benito County Parks and Recreation Commission for hosting the study session, Schipper Design for facilitating, and the Parks and Recreation Champions and community members who participated. The study session brought together a group of enthusiastic participants in a welcoming setting that encouraged free sharing of ideas.

Some of the descriptors shared include: freedom to play; discovery; vitality; free entertainment; healthy community = overall county health; self-expression; positive identity with community; youth attachment; investment in the community and the future; physical and mental skill development; and venue for arts and culture sharing.

Schipper Design will compile data into three key messages that will be reviewed and discussed at the next San Benito County Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, scheduled for October 8, 2013, 5:30 p.m., County Administration Building. Community members are invited to attend the Commission meeting and participate in the enhancement of a healthy parks and recreation community in San Benito County!