Photo courtesy of John Freeman.
Photo courtesy of John Freeman.

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I am proud to announce my candidacy for San Benito County Board of Supervisors, District 2. This district includes West Hollister, Aromas, San Juan Bautista and the greater unincorporated area of west San Benito County. As an experienced and trusted San Juan City Councilperson I am a candidate who has made substantial strides toward a sustainable future for our community.

During my tenure on the San Juan Bautista City Council, I have worked hard  to build relationships between the City of San Juan Bautista and external government agencies, assisting San Juan Bautista to become a visionary city of which we can be proud. I am actively contributing to the economic vitality and wellbeing of San Benito County by ensuring steadfast reliability through strengthened infrastructure. As a testament to my commitment to our county and leadership, I was honored to have received the San Benito County Business Council Elected Leadership Award in 2022.

The improvements and accomplishments I made during my council tenure have often supported improving the infrastructure of San Benito County. These items are listed on my platform below.

Actually fix our roads – Improving our county transportation is critical to our future.

Water systems – Water is life, to support our entire wellbeing. I have worked consistently to resolve San Juan Bautista’s multiple serious water crises.

New sources of income – We need to pay for needed infrastructure without raising taxes.

Advocate for the middle class – including good roads, good schools, good local jobs and a good hospital are all important to a decent life.

Address climate change – Take measures to contain fires, floods and extreme heat to endurable levels.

Residents of San Benito County will be able to find out more about me and my various experiences in both industry and government at the following website .

There one will be able to find more about my many accomplishments, the many regional committees that I serve on and the work that I do on a daily basis to make San Juan Bautista a better place to live. Just a few examples of the accomplishments are:

Building trust with the public – responding with transparency and clarity in all decisions

  • Opened the San Juan School basketball courts for both children and adults after school and on weekends.
  • Brought two new Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide faster and less expensive internet service to the entire San Juan Valley. This is high level economic development.
  • Passed a City Ordinance that included AirBnB locations into our TOT tax program, increasing much needed revenue to the city.
  • Implemented the Pavement Management Plan that has allowed San Juan to pave or completely rebuild a higher percentage of its roads than the county.
  • Passed the Cannabis Tax for our city to improve our incredibly poor tax base. 
  • Championed and passed the anti-plastics shopping bag ban in our city.
  • Passed a no-smoking ordinance in exterior eating areas (patios) in San Juan Bautista restaurants.
  • Introduced and passed a statute implementing a California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Act, allowing us to lower the price of bidding for construction projects. 
  • Authored the city’s Code of Ethics for our officials and led our council in adopting them, to improve transparency.
  • Introduced the idea of obtaining a new water source (from the West Hills Treatment plant) to the City Manager and later the city council.

These projects are now funded and are in the process of being completed. One project will solve our long-standing issues with high nitrate water. It will also allow us to meet the water quality specifications at the Hollister Wastewater treatment plant. The accompanying forced pressure sewer line project to the Hollister city plant is starting first. Both projects complement each other and improve San Juan Bautista’s compliance with all state and federal water regulations. This is my most important accomplishment and it is the largest public works project in San Juan Bautista history.

The regional committees for elected officials that I have served on are:

1. Central Coast Community Energy includes positions on the audit and governance subcommittees.

2. Integrated Wast Management Commission for San Benito County. Chairperson for four years.

3. Water Governance Committee County of San Benito.

4. Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG) the transportation planning commission for the Tri-county area. Presently serving as President.

5. Central Coast Broadband Consortium is an organization dedicated to promotion of Broadband deployment in the Tri-County area.

6. Intergovernmental committee for San Benito County, including a year as chairperson.

I hope that you will join me in working for brighter future for San Benito County. If elected, we will strive for a stronger economy, better public safety, a road system that works, and improved water systems that serve both agriculture and the two cities. I look forward to your support and vote on March 5, 2024.

Contact information: cell 831-236-7385