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Art exhibition displays student work on San Benito High School campus

Still life drawings, watercolor paintings and more displayed.

This article was contributed by SBHS student Diana Lopez with the BenitoLink Junior Journalism Project.

San Benito High School recently had their student art exhibition on Tuesday, March 19 from 12:45 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the campus art gallery.

A variety of art was displayed during the exhibition, from still life drawings to watercolor paintings and self-portraits. Some paintings were inspired by the color wheel/theory (see photos). The vibrantly colorful paintings were designed as well as painted by Ms. Toste’s Art One students.

Mrs. Ross’s advanced art classes displayed a number of handmade upcycled shoes. The project assignment was to transform old shoes or build them from scratch. The students all put their own twist to their shoes. One student, Melanie Alcalan, created a heel inspired by a flower garden made with a plastic flower pot and artificial flowers. Another student, Paula Alvarado, created a sneaker inspired by the Travis Scott album Astro World, with cardboard, an old shoe flap and chains.

The purpose of the art exhibition was to display San Benito High Schools students artwork. According to Mrs. Ross, “Ms. Toste and I wanted to showcase the talent we have on campus because the majority of art students are not recognized.”

Mrs. Ross wanted not only the school, but the whole community to recognize and appreciate the students’ work in the arts. Anyone with a visitors pass can view the art displayed in the high school’s art gallery located in the main office from 8:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. until April 12.

About BenitoLink’s Junior Journalism Project: BenitoLink’s goal is to give students with reporting, photography and other news skills the opportunity to have their work published on the website.  Part of BenitoLink’s mission is to welcome new perspectives and contributions from a wide variety of community members, including young ones. Thanks to United Way of San Benito County and Monterey Peninsula Foundation for supporting local youth and this project.

Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez is an intern who reports on a variety of topics. She is a sophomore at San Benito High School with a passion for activism. Being president of San Benito High School's Feminist Club lets her primarily focus on intersectional feminism.