Arts Out Loud, billed as the largest visual arts event in San Benito County, will take place on the weekend of May 20 and 21 from 3 to 6 p.m. on the campus of San Benito High School. Students from Luisa Toste’s art classes will transform Room 197 into an “active art zone” that celebrates “hard-working, problem-solving, evolving works of art — our students!” Toste says.

The work of 140 students from four classes will be on display, including pencil drawings, foil relief sculptures, print-making, masks, baskets and paintings. These projects took between one and three weeks to complete.

Arts Out Loud is part of the students’ final exam and is in compliance with state instructional standards, said Toste, who added, “We welcome all to see the demonstrated benefits of including arts education to improve a child’s future.”

The courtyard outside of the classroom on the main campus on Monterey Street, will features demonstrations and fresh-art coloring activities.

“Our students may have never experienced an art museum or exhibit until this event,” Toste said. “This is the communicate pride in their accomplishments to our community and their families.”

Toste said that the work is all original and visitors will be able to see “design, research, analysis, persistence, problem-solving, collaboration, teamwork and commitment in every work.” Some of the student art will also be available for purchase.