A "For Rent" sign posted on the yard of the Westside Estates apartment complex. File photo by Noe Magaña.

Housing / Land Use

Rental assistance ending for San Benito families

New federal relief package may extend program, but it may not prevent some county residents from being evicted.

Fabiola Ramirez with her four children. Photo courtesy of Fabiola Ramirez.

BL Special Report

BL Special Report: Families on the edge

Lower income families can’t juggle COVID-19 state demands with day to day needs.

Ann-Marie Sayers. Photo by Kirti Bassendine.

San Benito Lifestyle

BL Longform: Mutsun people dream of returning to their ancestral land

Few indigenous families still live in San Benito County.

R.R. Conkin's Auto Bus

San Benito Lifestyle

RV living: more drawn to mobile lifestyle

Full-timers discuss how the lifestyle works for them. Increase in remote workers and distance learning families.

Theresa Kovacs, 63, and Rick Sicurella, 66, are in a limbo like thousands of other RV full-timers. Photo by Kirti Bassendine.

Housing / Land Use

RV dwellers find temporary haven in San Benito County

Campground reservations are hard to come by during lockdown. COVID-19 situation leaves many in the lurch.

Rachel Spivack, her boyfriend Ben Rivera and her son Jayden. They were stuck without a car to pull their trailer when the Trail Fire started. Photo by Kirti Bassendine.

Police / Fire

Trail Fire gets campers packing

First-person account at the Thousand Trails RV Park when fire broke out.