BenitoLink team working on candidate election forum questions. Photo by Jonathan Crowther.


BenitoLink receives a record $105k in NewsMatch campaign

BenitoLink reader donations brought in $80,000 through small and large donations and nonprofit newsroom was rewarded for that by getting a larger match than expected from INN.

Hollister resident Norma Martinetti with her prized rosemary. She says the plants have been passed down in her family and have a uniquely sweet flavor. Photo by Julie Britt.

History & Profiles

Ahead of her time: Norma Martinetti and the Hollister Farmers’ Market

Despite local resistance, she founded what has become a staple event.

Even after the sun goes down, walkers can see their way with the help of the full moon. Photo by Rene Rodriguez

San Benito Lifestyle

Moonlight Walk April 15

Dress warm and hike with friends and family in the glow of the full moon.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King


A look at free speech in 2022

Results from this recent national survey of 4,000 participants was shared with BenitoLink from the Knight Foundation.

Ruth Orta (Ohlone, Bay Miwok, Plains Miwok) shares stories of her family history and gives instructions on the traditional methods of acorn processing. Photo by Kirti Bassendine


Enduring Relationships with the Land project funded by $20,000 California Humanities Grant

The project weaves together still photography, storyboards and video interviews with demonstrations and discussion.


County shows support for nonprofit news

We did it! Readers donated over $40K and BenitoLink will be able to get a full match, doubling those donations to $80K for the nonprofit news organization in 2022.

Norma Martinetti turned 100 years old on Dec. 21, 2021. Photo courtesy of Community Foundation for San Benito County.

History & Profiles

100 years of clear memories

Norma is an amazing example of determination and the will to do good for others.


Committing to the dream

Looking back at where BenitoLink started and where it is today.


A news organization you can trust

Our primary goal is to provide valuable, sometimes life-saving information to the residents of San Benito County.


BenitoLink donors surpass the $35,000 marker, heading toward full $40K match!

Pledge of Champions donations make up 25-30% of our revenue.


Nonpartisan news about the people who live, work, and play here

Despite a diverse population, we all need dependable information to elect our leaders and build a strong community.


BL donors get us over 30K hump!

Donors have been fundamental in their support to BenitoLink and have contributed to local nonpartisan journalism.


BenitoLink is a place to learn

BenitoLink brings on interns from all over the county, bringing with them a variety of interests.

CFFSBC prepares for training on Diversity Equity and inclusion in the coming year. Photo by Leslie David


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will be focus of nonprofit training in 2022

Consultants say training can cause a shift in personal values and perspective of organization.