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San Benito County Lacks A Workable Financial Strategy

The county's lack of a workable financial strategy threatens our future

Telemarketing Scammers are a Serious Threat

Telemarketing scammers use the phone system to prey on society’s most vulnerable

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America’s New Whipping Boys – The Private Sector

Government failures are now regularly assigned to private sector whipping boys

Then They Came For Senator Feinstein

The loss of essential freedoms takes place slowly - then one day it is too late

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You Can’t Have A Tourist Mecca Without Tourists

Developing tourism means providing the things tourists desire

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County Employees Absorb Most 2014 Healthcare Cost Increases

Major increases in 2014 healthcare premiums impact county employees


Heroin Is Back, But Substance Abuse Was Never Gone

Substance abuse tragedies of the famous make headlines, but the threat is to everyone

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County And Its Employees Are Insurance Poor

County and its employees are insurance poor trying to pay for lifetime retiree healthcare

The Importance of Literacy

Humans have one critical evolutionary advantage - literacy. Don't waste it.


Government / Politics

The Cost Of Crime

Opinion Piece by Marty Richman

Are Ethics and Microsoft compatible?

Column by Marty Richman

Art & Culture

Supervisors Discuss Long-term Contracts

Employee Benefits Funds: Where will they come from?

Some comments regarding economic development in Hollister and San Benito County:

Marty Richman Discusses Economic Opportunities