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Community Opinion

COMMUNITY OPINION: The unaccountability of illegal occupancy

Marty Richman says that while the debate over growth rates drones on, anecdotal evidence and indications of increased illegal occupancies abound.

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Community Opinion

COMMUNITY OPINION: Area economy is overwhelmingly private and service-providing

Hollister Councilman Marty Richman says good service-providing jobs are an economic necessity.

Community Opinion

COMMUNITY OPINION: Let’s Get Back to Hometown California

Hollister Vice Mayor Marty Richman says to welcome new residents, not scapegoat them.

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Local Politics

COMMUNITY OPINION: 100 Million Good Reasons to Oppose the Gavilan Bond

“A fool and his money are soon parted.” – English proverb

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COMMUNITY OPINION: Why are we buying an expensive education dinosaur?

Gavilan College is proposing to build a 1990s era SBC Education Center that will be obsolete on day one in the age of distant learning. What we need is nimble technology for education.

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COMMUNITY OPINION: Area Top-Notch Community Colleges Are Ignored By SBHS Grads

The two best community colleges within driving distance, Foothill and De Anza, will only get five San Benito High School graduates, according to a survey of the 2018 class.

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COMMUNITY OPINION: Happy Birthday To My Perpetually Divided Nation

As my beloved U.S.A. celebrates another Independence Day it remains as it has always been, a deeply divided nation, but now without a vision.

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OPINION: Workers Commute to Santa Clara for More Jobs and Bigger Bucks

For those whose skills are in-demand and who can take the grind of the daily commute the motivation is simple – more jobs and higher pay.

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OPINION: You’re Not Stuck In Traffic, You Are Traffic

Yes, traffic is terrible and everyone, including me, thinks that everybody else should not be there.

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Local Politics

OPINION: Leaders Must Fix The County’s Underlying Problems, Not Just Recite The Symptoms

There are complex reasons for our problems and there are solutions, but there are no silver bullets.

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OPINION: Memorial Day 2018

A Personal Remembrance

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Local Politics

OPINION: Could Gavilan College Pass Their Own Course in Social Justice?

Considering how they chased the big money in Santa Clara County at the expense of San Benito County, Gavilan gets an F in Social Justice.

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Local Politics

OPINION: Politics ain’t beanbag, but we deserve a new act

Supervisor Botelho needs to put some originality into his role as attack-dog. This shtick is worn out.

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OPINION: Landfill Contract Already Crushing County Road Budget

Mitigating countywide road damage from transporting out-of-county waste to the John Smith Road Landfill is estimated to cost $30 million that's not in the budget.

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OPINION: Bad Road Ahead – How the Board of Supervisors Added Decades and Millions to the Route 25 Widening Project

Who benefited from the votes that stopped collecting Route 25 widening impact fees from new development?