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Agricultural Workforce Development Survey Concludes in San Benito County

In San Benito County, a total of sixty agricultural businesses including farms, ranches, and food-processing facilities of different sizes shared their needs regarding workforce development as well as their current activities targeting to it.

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Project seeks to provide workforce training for San Benito’s agriculture

Changes in technology, operational process, and increasing regulation has created a lack of skilled workers needed to serve the industry.



OPINION: Do you consider yourself a technological optimist? I don’t, and here is why

Technology by itself is not, and will not, be enough to move our California’s agriculture to the next level in terms of productivity and environmental sustainability. Engaging and educating youth needs to go hand-in-hand with technological improvements

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OPINION: We need to prepare California’s future agricultural workforce

How can we shape future agricultural labor markets in San Benito County? There is a need for skilled labor to make a better use of new technologies, engage consumers, and sustain our businesses over time