California still needs about another foot of snow water content. Photo provided by the Dept of Water Resources website.


COLUMN: Drought! It ain’t over until it’s over!

The State Water Resources Control Board approved emergency water conservation regulations will stay in place for a year and would empower cities, counties and other local jurisdictions to fine violators as much as $500.


COMMENTARY: Taking Advantage of Winter Rain

Shawn Novack writes that although we've received some rain, California will need 140% of its normal rainfall amounts to fill-up groundwater basins and reservoirs.

Photo courtesy of Shawn Novack.


COMMENTARY: California drought update

Shawn Novack writes that it is time for residents to conserve water voluntarily. San Luis Reservoir is at 30% of its average storage level.


Water Resources Association of San Benito County recommendations to conserve water

City of Hollister and Sunnyslope County Water District customers will experience a temporary reduction in quality of water.

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News Release

Free septic systems and private well maintenance webinar

Workshop covers maintenance and components of wells and contaminants.

Community Opinions

May is Water Awareness Month

Shawn Novack writes about resources available for residents to make their irrigation system efficient.

NOAA winter forecast, courtesy of Shawn Novack.

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration releases winter forecast

Water Resources Association Conservation Program Manager Shawn Novack writes that the forecast favors warmer, drier conditions across the southern tier of the U.S., and cooler, wetter conditions in the north thanks in part to an ongoing La Niña.

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New water efficiency standards being developed in California

Two laws highlight water efficiency and conservation and are meant to outline certain roles and actions to be carried out by the California Department of Water Resources, the State Water Resource Control Board and water suppliers.

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Smart water leak detector available for home use

Shawn Novack writes that options include devices that can be connected via Wi-Fi to alert of leaks or other issues.

Irrigation check. Photo provided by Shawn Novack.

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Water Resources Association provides water-wise landscape tips

Shawn Novack writes that to have enough water in the future, we must avoid wasting water in our homes and gardens today. 

Irrigation check. Photo provided by Shawn Novack.

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Water Resources Association provides irrigation and landscaping tips

Conservation Program Manager Shawn Novack writes about drought tolerant plants and water efficiency.

Photo courtesy of Water Resources Association San Benito County.

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Keeping an eye on the water supply

Shawn Novack with the Water Resources Association writes that the biggest water user in the residential sector for this time of year is landscape irrigation.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Housing / Land Use

Understanding the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Explanation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and the process for creating a Groundwater Sustainability Plan.

Map of Pacheco Resevoir expansion


Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project Awarded $485 Million State Grant

Grant allows San Benito County Water District and its partners to move forward with planning for critical water supply expansion.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


COLUMN: Water Irrigation System Inspections

As the temperatures start heating up in summer, your water use will go up as well.