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Baler Backers Athletic Organization supports sports at SBHS

Fundraising organization is credited with helping save freshman sports a few years ago

Baler Backers Athletic Organization is a group of alumni, parents, and supporters who are dedicated to improving the athletic experiences of every student-athlete at San Benito High School. The mission of the organization is to support and encourage student participation in Baler athletics by providing financial support to the programs of the athletic department.

Past fundraisers included membership drives, the Baler Summer Nights dinner-dance and auction, Ford Drive 1 for Ur School, golf tournaments, raffles, among others.

“The funds rasied by the Baler Backers are donated to the athletic department of SBHS to support every sport group on campus,” said Michele Cameron, one of the founding members. The organization this year helped purchase new uniforms for the girls' varsity basketball team. It has also purchased equipment, scoreboards and other necessities for Baler sports, including helping to offset the travel expenses of athletes that have to travel to state championship tournaments.

Athletic Director Tod Thatcher helps Baler Backers determine how to split their fundraising money between all sports.

“Baler Backers was able to to save freshman sports by a $80,000 donation,” Thatcher said.

The organization annually provides supplemental financial support to the programs, which may include annual scholarships, tournament fees, new equipment and uniforms.

Thatcher said, “Baler Backers was able to offset our budget by making those large donations so we didn’t have to cut spending.”

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