Baler parking spaces.jpg

San Benito High School seniors for the first time can reserve and even decorate parking spaces for $40 as part of a new fundraiser for the senior class this year.

“It’s been an idea from the students and teachers for several years now,” said Mike Schurig, who is the senior class advisor and a computer applications teacher at SBHS. Senior Katie Logue painted her spot with a tree on it. When asked why she likes this idea, she responded, “it’s a great fundraiser for the senior class.”

Senior Katie Hoefling painted her name and a pink and black yin/yang symbol on her parking spot. She said she “likes the idea because it’s something that seniors can look forward to.”

The senior parking spots are available in the football parking lot and soon will be available in the Baler Alley parking lot.

Senior Robbie Kelly bought a parking spot and decorated it in all black with the phrase, “The Blaz 2014-2015.” At first, he said he was not going to purchase a parking spot but after a lot of his classmates bought one, “there were no more spots in the front, so I bought a parking spot.”

This is only an option for seniors, as it is deemed a privilege for students who are in their last year at the high school. The $40 cost reserves a parking spot during school hours and the right to paint the parking spot. Fifty spots have been painted and bought in the football parking lot, and 50 more spots have been bought but not painted yet near Baler Alley. Schurig explained that if every parking spot is purchased, it would net the senior class $4,000, which will be used for the graduation ceremony, graduation trip and any other activities the seniors plan on doing.