The 2015 spring swim season has started with a splash and the swimmers are diving right into it. The swim team accepts students to swim whether they are on a club swim team or if they have never swam a day in their lives.

The first official practice was Feb 2, and practice times are from 4- 6 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and 3-5:15 Tuesday and Thursday.

The varsity swim team starts practice off with a 500 freestyle warm-up. The first, unofficial league meet was on Feb. 25 at San Benito High School against Seaside, whom the Balers defeated. The season features many meets against multiple competitors. The Monterey Bay League championships, which are on May 2, will be the main event for the swim team. From there, only those who qualify will move on to CCS.

Aside from competitions, the swim team participates in team dinners before home meets to grow stronger bonds. The team also works to get in shape by starting cross-training halfway through the season. This is when the teammates do abdominal workouts followed by a mixture or running and swimming.

Varsity swimmer Lili Jeske said, “Swimming is a great environment to work your hardest and see the results.” Jeske, a sophomore, said that swimming is a sport that it all depends on how much you put into it. “Swimming is as much individual effort as it is a team effort,” said, adding that is a “great feeling” when you come toward the edge of the pool and you can hear your teammates cheering you on.

Swimmer Brittany Lindgren, a sophomore, said she is a fan of the team dinners. “They are a great way to get to know the people who are swimming besides you during a good duration of practice,” Lindgren said. She claimed the dinners provide a way to relieve some of the stress from practice, and are a “great way to get the team energized before a meet.”

Varsity swimmer Lauren Klauer said that swimming is a great way to get your mind off of the stresses of everyday life. Klauer, a sophomore, said “The swim coaches provide an environment that makes the athletes feel comfortable. Even though the coaches emphasize the importance of attendance at practice, they always encourage us to put our grades first.”

The swim team’s schedule is posted on the San Benito High School website. Find your way to the pool to support the Balers.